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As one of my activities I am the lead for a large community within SAP with more than 3000 participants with the intention to continuously improve the engineering and architecture practice by fostering collaboration. I am looking for a working student who want to work with me on serving the community.

#workingstudent #walldorf #engineering #architecture #collaboration #jobs #university

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Hier ein Friendly Reminder:

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Something for your Saturday? How about the replay of yesterday's dive into BTP Service Metadata with jq?

Watch it on 1.5 speed for extra excitement!

In a mad moment, decided to attempt Day 1 using jq. Most of the work was marshalling and arranging the (non-JSON) input.

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The SAP Developers News is back after a quick recharge 🔋
➡️ 2211 Release
➡️ Free Tier
➡️ Recap
➡️ SAP HANA ML Learning Challenge
➡️ Nov 2022 Release
➡️ Q4/2022 SAP Analytics Cloud and Data Intelligence

This morning's live stream is available for replay, complete with chapter titles for your ⏩ pleasure. Share & enjoy!

The latest SAP Developer News, brought to you by the Developer Advocates, is out now! 👉

Good morning folks - if you're interested in jq we'll be using it to hack through some rich SAP BTP metadata in the upcoming live stream, join us, everyone is welcome! Starting at 0800 UK (one and a half hours from now)

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When shown the huge list of operating systems curl runs on, people often ask me which is the strangest, or hardest, operating system to keep curl support for. The answer is always, and will probably always remain: Windows.

No other operating system has so many custom, special, weird and quirky ways that require special-case solutions in the code.

For all those of you who, like me, love fonts and their uniform beauty, I am sharing this with you, just to mess up your morning. Happy Wednesday! :-)

In wanting to bring more content over here, I thought I might as well share a recent post on slides:

"Stop asking for slides in advance"

It seems as though this struck a chord with lots of folks. What are your thoughts? (reposting with article title, thanks @danbri)

Pondering an early example of "lo-code" in Brian Kernighan's talk on "The early days of UNIX at Bell Labs"

This coming Fri 02 Dec at 0800 UK we have part 2 of our dive into the BTP Service Metadata - join us, all welcome!

Just left Manchester Piccadilly on my way to in Birmingham, see you there?

Thought of the morning: UX does not imply or presuppose graphical user interfaces.

Am I doing this "editing in SAP Business Application Studio" right?

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