Migrating to pzread@mastodon.social 😢

My Debian testing updates gcc-9 about once per week. This will trigger the rebuild of my dev LLVM repo.
And it's quite painful to rebuild LLVM on a 4c/8t 16GB laptop...

I can't even -j2 w/o OOM 😂

Shadient展示了什麼叫邊DJing邊裝Tensorflow 🌚

Suddenly realized I was compiling LLVM + Clang with my laptop battery...

原來這位是Nyncat的原作者 aidn.jp/

說來ARKit之類的最直接的應用還是Vtuber 🤔 note.com/clocknote/n/n0635fc72

3D什麼的都沒關係,-有攻殼車就夠了- :blobderpy:

隱瞞之事 -絕望先生- 果真很合我胃口的風格 :blobderpy:

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提交15行代码,有5个review comment;提交150行代码,有1个review comment

Debian testing is with kernel 5.5 now. Built-in Wireguard support 🎉

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