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A belated .

A Mastodon user since 2017, I'm enjoying the relative peace and quiet here.

I'm retired now after careers in and , and I'm learning to paint. I'm passionate about and and .

I have a blog in disuse at

Some of the folks I follow in respect for their work are:

@davew @judell @mkapor @greatdismal @edwinheathcote and @ailantd (whom I never would have found in bird world).

Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

Timnit Gebru (@timnitGebru) adds another nail in the coffin of effective altruism (EA) with her piece for WIRED:

For me, this follows »The good delusion: has effective altruism broken bad?« by Linda Kinstler:

And »Against longtermism« by Émile P Torres:

Yikes! We haven't seen this level of flu transmission in a decade. Please get vaccinated, wear a mask, and stay home when you're sick!

#Flu #PublicHealth #BringBackMasks

Europe’s largest Middle Eastern bookseller to close - "Al Saqi Books in London, which was established in 1978, blames closure on rise in prices of Arabic-language books and ‘detrimental’ effect of Brexit"

"The debt financing around Twitter is gob-smacking. I cannot for the life of me understand what the creditors were thinking, but the game of finance is a next level sport where destroying people, companies, and products to achieve victory is widely tolerated. Historical trends suggest that the losers in this chaos will not be Musk or the banks, but the public."

(via @zephoria)

# RSS in the Fediverse, part 2

feedToMasto is a Node app that periodically checks a list of feeds, posting new items to Mastodon.

Good example code to get started with the Mastodon API.

Also illustrates how easy feeds (RSS, Atom, RDF) can be incorporated into any Node app with the reallySimple package.

Open source, MIT license.

I hope to start building a rep in the Mastodon development community with this package. More to come! 🙂

I'm revisiting Kristof Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy over the next three Sundays. Here's my review of Blue, an elegy to Juliette Binoche and to the optimistic days of European unification.

“[A] world where “Dr. Strangelove” is neither a Top 100 film nor even one of Stanley Kubrick’s three best works is not one I care to inhabit.”

Starchitects for good. Renzo Piano enlists architecture students in Milan, Naples, Padova, Palermo to add small projects of beauty to neglected suburbs.

A Node app that checks a list of feeds periodically, posting new items to Mastodon.

"France has officially been given the go-ahead to halt environmentally-damaging domestic #flights.

Initially, the ban will only affect routes between Paris Orly and Nantes, Lyon, and Bordeaux.
Connecting flights will also have to follow these new rules."

@davew Just found out about this anti-silo software library (written in Python), so it’s good to know you have company out there:

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