I've more than had enough of Twitter and one Alex J.

s3z.me ('says me') is an anonymous micro-publishing tool for posting short articles, viewpoints and perspectives. Also anonymously post images, links and videos.

It's searchable, and fully search engine optimised.


And I made it.

The FBI investigates Trump.

Trump fires the head of the FBI.

Everyone was young once.


The Cure - A Forest featuring a 20-year-old Robert Smith.

The weird poetry Google Translate writes when fed the same characters over and over:


All I want from life is to invent a conspiracy that lots of people get behind.

Trump's mother was a jackal.

All I want from my life, is a fresh cup of coffee and this Twin Peaks replica Great Northern Hotel keychain.


Oh and for my kids to be happy and life long lives, yadda yadda yadda.

Very excited about upcoming .

Politics is basically my sport.

Except of course it has real-world implications and matters a lot.

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I just learned about the "Millenial Whoop".


I'm disappointed I hadn't spotted it earlier.

I bought a scanner today. It seems out of place in a paperless office.

But I'm glad to know it's there.

Also I'm not sure if it's possible, but the app seems to be skipping predictive text somehow.

Probably just an android setting I need to flip somewhere.

Getting used to this app. I have my notifications, my own feed (friends) and one other woth the icon of a world which i think is the federated view.

Where's the other timeline? (The instance view.)

Playing around with the pre-release of the TootyFruity client.

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