No my gusta Bieber, pero me gusta el contraataque a estas 2 pibas.

Más vale que tengan guita porque sino van a ser 2 homeless más...

Justin Bieber Files $20 Million Lawsuit Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Justin Bieber has filed a $20 million lawsuit against two women who accused him of sexual assault on Twitter last week, the Blast and TMZ report. On June 20, a woman identified as Danielle tweeted a lengthy statement (from an account that has since been removed) detailing an - 1/2

incident of alleged sexual assault that occured in March 2014 in Austin, Texas. Another woman, identified as Kadi, tweeted her own account of alleged sexual assault by Bieber that occurred the following year in New York. Bieber subsequently denied Danielle’s claims on Twitter, providing numerous receipts and photos, des... - 2/2

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