@caltlgin@masto.nixnet.xyz i Use only on my phone, saved 2596 Notes, Bookmarks, Web, Reddit, Linkedin, Youtube etc ..


15000 line

I approach 54 years of age, I have less and less patience to set up complex systems just the way I want.

Please see at section, the code is to long for past ist here.
It create a folder "costum", i have at first test note changed the destination. My costum package are in folder named Git
;; BOOKMARK+ gitlab.com/psnebc/init.el/blob

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ok thanks

now i go eating

i read all days here

my new init.el is for backup on gitlab now, bat it is not , a geek file it is my that i build day for day

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yes i have found good stories for init with org

you can update package with this solution

i use [ use-package] in init.el
and package-liste update all day

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Installed on Centos7
crm erp i have dolibarr
cms Drupal
wiki Tikiwiki

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as dotfiles solutions you use stow yadm or other tools because i need make run it the next days

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i am database oriented, and for my writing data to postgresql for my with emacs or read extract data from is for me the next step

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first i used notmuch in emacs then i have found that most people write over mu4e and i swiched to mu

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I need a solid mail solution in Emacs. Ok i can use Kontakt bat i will stay in emacs

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long time ago i have used mutt

Ok i open Konsole, because i need to learn all benifits off Shell in Emacs,

installed multiterm

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after exwm i switched to i3wm on Fedora 30

last week i have innstalled Automatique Tilling Windows Management Script on Fedora and this work great

@louis @hund @yisraeldov @xahlee

yes you have a folder with all ebooks in it and then you can search an filter and open the books bat not tagging

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