A kind of #orgmode question:
How many of you use #orgzly on a regular basis? Would you be interested in a post that focuses on orgzly, the mobile app? Why yes/no?

Thanks :)

I have installed on Android for testing, bat i don't like writing on my Phone.

@psnebc emacs on Android? Doesn't sound like a good idea. It's not meant for it. Did you try orgzly and working from a PC primarily?


Yes, I've been storing everything in for a month.

On the way to work with the train ->

I tried to find a workflow...

Now i am back on and Packge

@psnebc I'm not sure I'm following your workflow 100%, but orgzly is very good for on the go stuff. Sounds like you're using it.

I have syncthing keeping all my org files updated on laptop, home PC, work vm and Android. It's a bit of a setup, but it works well. I love it.



It's a bit of a setup, but it works fine.


I've read a lot of posts about syncronisation. I have not yet taken the time to set up syncthing for . I have already installed on 29.

But it will certainly be time. approach works well but I do not want to use this solution.

Better then on your own instance, or on a (# BareMetalServer)

@psnebc this is a bit self promotion but I wrote just about my personal setup before: joshrollinswrites.com/help-des

Yes, it's somewhat complex, but very doable. Take a look I'd love to know what you think.

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