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Perhaps I might like an invite to wandering shop now that a few people I know are there...

Plants like this are technically called secondary hemiepiphytes in botany speak, and they're really quite clever.

On the ground, they seek out shade, so they're attracted to the base of trees where light is most scarce. When they start to climb, they switch their behaviour and become attracted to light so they grow up.

A lot of epiphytes are pretty much doomed if they fall from their host tree. But not this one. It'll just find another tree to climb and move on. Smart little plants!

Philodendrons are pretty common houseplants, on account of how tough they are. But they're more interesting than you might think. In the wild, unlike most plants, these vines don't sit still.

They germinate on forest floors, and then immediately seek out the nearest tree and start to climb. As they climb, their roots fall away and they live in the forest canopy as epiphytes, moving from tree to tree as they grow, like some kind of plant snake.

Hallo TL,
kennt wer von euch das Phänomen, dass #Ubuntu mittels "apt-get update" mal mehr und mal weniger Paketquellen aktualisiert? #followerpower

Barrierefreie WG mit zuverlässigem Netzanschluss :beretparrot: gesucht. Raum Bistum Essen.

Bromeliads are really easy to care for. They're forest plants which live under forest canopies, so they're perfectly happy with lower levels of light.

Being epiphytes, their roots don't do much in the wild apart from clinging to things. Instead, bromeliads contain a little pool of water in the centre of their crowns. Wild plants use this to collect rainwater to drink. If you keep a bromeliad, its a convenient place to give your plant water.

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My kid made this lego Godzilla! They asked me to post it so it can get “a million likes!”

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There is no shame in doing something lower on your priority list because you can't make yourself do the other stuff. Do what you can.

The first of the reticulata irises are starting to flower. This is: Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin'. It's small and dainty and heralds the end of winter.

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on posts that purposefully state untrue / ironic things for comical / satirical effect it might be a good idea to use content warnings. like, "misinformation" or something.

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Ich greife den Aufruf von damals einfach nochmal auf:

Zufällig (auch werdende) #Imker im Fediverse unterwegs?

(Gerne Boost. Thx!)

TIL that Venus rotates so slowly that if it you were on venus at sunset, you could walk fast enough to keep up with it. You could watch the sunset for as long as you could walk.

I mean you couldn't because Venus is entirely made of fire and lightning and acid and unbelievable atmospheric pressure, and I think there's only a couple sunsets a year. (All the more reason to chase them, right?)

But I still am charmed by this idea of strolling along with the sunset.

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