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So you’ve returned my old friend. Now the challenge really begins. Can I write a podcast episode by Sunday. Hmmm.

This is making me happy right now. A task bar for the Mac instead of that dock.

I can imagine the reason Trump is making this deal is because of one thing. Roger Stone was arrested. He wants to refocus the press on something else.

Got cross-posting working from Twitter to again for @blogoklahoma using . Might have to write up instructions. You use IFTTT webhooks and Mastodon API. Someday I hope someone will build a IFTTT applet service for Mastodon.

"In January 1955, the WKY-TV studio is converted into a sterile surgical room to televise an operation via closed circuit television. ... viewed only by attendees to a conference at the Skirvin Hotel where the Oklahoma Obstetrical and Gynecological Society was meeting. Beverly Hardway, at left, and Marianne Barnett are shown preparing for the event. [PHOTO BY CLIFF KING, THE OKLAHOMAN ARCHIVES]"

I'm surprised I'm not finding very much fan art out there. It's been a really good book so far. I'm still in the first third of the book.

Tekla by bagtaggar

Was awakened by the low sugar shakes tonight. No fun. Ate a carrot and feel better, but now it’s late and can’t get back to sleep. O_o

It was all coming from one instance. Oh neat, you can hide everything from an instance. That was easy.

What's with all the asshats posting pr0n today in the federated feed?

Kind of putting a damper on recommending the community over the last few days.

Wow. Frank Sinatra's In The Wee Small Hours is a beautiful album. I highly recommend listening to it. Unless you're suffering from heartbreak. It will make you cry.

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