Are you kidding me !!
v-select and v-checkbox don't submit values???

Had to add a work around by adding hidden inputs and bind :value=""

Okay for the most part I like using Vuetify, but there are some responsive bugs or bad documentation.

There is no xs= for size. You have to use cols= instead.

The container was not locked in size so I had to add a max-width to the style.

Other than the hour long headache learning that. All good so far. O_o

... It degraded into a mess of right wing trolling. It really killed it for me. It wasn’t until the end that I remembered who the author was. Does he do that in all his works? It would be a shame if he did. I wanted to read more Tom Stranger stories. Now, not so much.

... Well that was until this weekend. I picked up a short book for on Audible called The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent. It’s narrated by Adam Baldwin (who did an awesome job BTW). I paid no attention to who wrote it. For the majority of the book it was a laugh riot. I was really enjoying it, until the end that is. ...

... He’s definitely the right wing conservative/libertarian type. His writing in the Monster Hunters reflects this. Well I set this aside, and I haven’t read anything thing else of his. ...

I really enjoyed the Grimnoir Chronicles series of books. I would even call them some of my favorite books. I liked them enough that I thought I’d read more from the author and tried to read Monster Hunters. I tried to like it, but the gun love was so great it bordered on a sex like fetish. A turn off to say the least. So I looked up more about the author Larry Correia. ...

Oklahoma Top Employers by # of Employees (1,000 and above)

1. Department of Defense
2. Walmart
3. Integris Health
4. Chickasaw Nation
5. Oklahoma State University

@kaniini spotted that right after I posted it. Ha. Was typing a reply when you posted. 🙂

Bookmarking to look at later

Wekan is an open-source kanban board which allows a card-based task and to-do management.

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