Only 9 more months until Iowa.
Are you registered to vote?

- 2020 Election Calendar
- 02/03 Iowa Caucuses
- 02/11 New Hampshire Primary
- 02/22 Nevada Caucuses
- 02/29 South Carolina Primary

- 03/03 Oklahoma Presidential Primary
- 06/30 Oklahoma Primary (non pres.)
- 11/03 General Election

Donna is currently reading "Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI" by David Grann.

I think I read it next. I might have to do a Blog Oklahoma Podcast episode on it. Adding it to my research list now.

- K.

Finally got a new lawnmower. It's a Hyper Tough 12 amp plug-in mower. It mows really well. I need to invest in a new longer extension cord however. So I'll be using this mostly in the backyard where I have thick weeds and small twigs everywhere. Our small manual reel mower just can't handle it.

The Blog Oklahoma Podcast will be back soon. Sorry for the unexpected break. Got swamped with other projects.

I have a blog with the podcast for updates, news, and tips. Please feel free to check it out

Bitmoji and IRL
Going to have to clean my home office of cat hair this weekend. Fun. O_o

Listening to Junk by Les Bohem read by John Waters. It’s been good so far. Kind of reminds me a little of Scott Sigler’s stuff.

DC Universe has 3 seasons of the 70s Shazam series remastered. That’s a trip down memory lane. I wonder if I can find Jason of Star Command or Ark II.

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