I live near a polling site. Would a sign like this actually work. 🤔

Thinking about switching kitty litter from clay to pine. 🤔🐱🌲

Watched new Invader Zim on Netflix tonight. I liked it. Same quirky jokes and pacing as the original series.

I think we’re going to loose Fallout Shelter 918. ☢️😕👎🏼

Yep that's what I need to do. Got to override the ISS server's 404 handling in the web.config.

It can never be straight forward. Ha.

Working with Nuxt.js / Vue.js this morning.

Building a universal static website. Only I can't get 404 to work the way I want. Wondering if I have to handle it server side instead in IIS web.config.

That's how I got my first Vue.js SPA app to work. Hmmm.

Nothing wrong with Amaroq, but looking for a different Mastodon iOS app.
Which do you like: Mast or Toot?

It’s a pointless click game, and yet I’m still playing it. O_o ?? I’m sure I’ve got a toilet to scrub somewhere...

Idle Evil Clicker by AppQuantum Publishing Ltd apps.apple.com/us/app/idle-evi

Dad Jokes API

A ghost walks into a bar and asks for a glass of vodka but the bartender says, “sorry we don’t serve spirits”

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