Oklahoma Top Employers by # of Employees (1,000 and above)

1. Department of Defense
2. Walmart
3. Integris Health
4. Chickasaw Nation
5. Oklahoma State University

Bookmarking to look at later

Wekan is an open-source kanban board which allows a card-based task and to-do management.

I live near a polling site. Would a sign like this actually work. 🤔

Thinking about switching kitty litter from clay to pine. 🤔🐱🌲

Watched new Invader Zim on Netflix tonight. I liked it. Same quirky jokes and pacing as the original series.

RT @ajplus:
The Jewish Democratic Council of America condemned Israel's decision to ban Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, saying it "plays into [President] Trump's goal of politicizing support for Israel."
It said Israel is "effectively forcing them to boycott."

Democratic Reps. Omar and Tlaib are blocked from entering Israel shortly after President Trump said it would show "great weakness" to let them visit cnn.it/2KNsomn

I think we’re going to loose Fallout Shelter 918. ☢️😕👎🏼

Makes me wonder if the people of Arkansas call Almond Milk, Nut Squeezins

I guess Arkansas legislators think their citizens are that dumb. Then again the citizens voted for them. So I guess case proven??? 😜

Then again our own legislators couldn't define watermelon properly. 🙄

Arkansas Wants to Make Sure You Know ‘Almonds Don’t Lactate’ | American Civil Liberties Union bit.ly/2Z1QJtW

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