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Fire engulfs Japan’s 600-year-old Shuri Castle, a World Heritage Site in Okinawa

Donna and I are testing out YouTube TV this weekend. We have 4 more days on our trial. See if we'll replace DirecTV with it. It would save us about $100 a month.

To me the interface is easy enough to use. Missing a few little features I'd like to see. Like channel favorites and more than one custom list, but that's it for me so far. It's only been one night with it. We'll see what Donna thinks about it in a few days of use.

Also on Sunday change the batteries in and test your Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors.

US Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 3rd. Set your clocks back one hour.

RT “Facebook is saying: If you are a politician who wishes to peddle in lies, distortion and not-so-subtle racial appeals, welcome to our platform...Free expression is a core principle of our democracy. But so are fair elections.”

Oh well at least now TextEdit opens more like Notepad and ready to use. This is just silly, Apple.

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So on macOS the only way to get TextEdit to open a blank document by default is to disable its access to iCloud? That doesn't sound right, but it was. Really?? O_o

House Democrats released on Tuesday text of the resolution that will detail their procedures as they move forward with the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

The really terrible thing about this obviously staged photo of Trump is the very poor cable management. (shudder)

‪The BEST Halloween Decorated House EVER | Ghost Manor in New Orleans via @YouTube

Where has my day went? It’s 4pm already. I just stopped for a moment to grab a drink. Still not done with household chores that need to get done. Not sure I’ll record a podcast today. Not happy about that, but on the priority list this other stuff is more important.

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