I might also have to watch Andromeda again. It has the same problem Earth Final Conflict. Started good, then it wasn't. Ha.

Bookmarking this to watch later. I liked the first half of this series... then it jumps the shark big time.

Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict

LibreOffice needs a better way to update itself. You always have to download the full package and basically reinstall. Oh well I'm now on 6.2

Wonder if LibreOffice supports Markdown.

Hmm. Doesn't look like it. Not a deal breaker, but would have been nice.

I still have Markdown Pad.

Oh cool. .cloud upgraded to 2.9.1.
Now to see if the new simplified view is all that. 🙂

Anyone know anything about LBRY?

It's a distributed video sharing service. I'm not sure how old it is. I just learned of its existence a few days ago.

I wonder how different it is from something like PeerTube.

Despite being free software, Mastodon as a project takes a hardline stance against nazis


The covenant has been added approx. one month ago so that for the first time in Mastodon's history, our project could make "no nazis" a part of our branding.

All Elite Wrestling is available to all fans located in United States via Bleacher Report Live. Visit AEWonBRLive.com

Going to get a bit warm here in Western Oklahoma today. 104°F / 40°C. Happy first day of summer.

Wow it was really nice of the GOP to commission a bronze bust of Alec Baldwin.

50 People Show Us Their States' Accents | Culturally Speaking | Condé Nast Traveler

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