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@professor_stoke kind of interesting that socialism is becoming synonymous with "helping others"

Lol overheard someone say that folks making masks for hospitals is socialism like it's a bad thing. Like, first of all no, it's not, and second of all, what does it say about you that you think it's bad?


On the darkest possible night, under the clearest possible atmospheric conditions, the countless stars you can see in the night sky are only 0.000001% of the total number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.


Ok I want to get serious about gardening but not really sure where to start.

I need seeds, obviously. Where can I go to get good quality seeds that are suitable for my climate?

How do I know if the soil I'm planting in is suitable?

How can I reduce water consumption?

Am I over thinking this? Can I just take seeds from groceries and sow and water them?

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*experiences anything* hmm..... what if i made that

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In order to convey the seriousness of the situation,

the emergency broadcast signal will be replaced by that bear saying โ€œhelp meโ€ from Annihilation

@unfa I'm eyeing Manjaro for a new distro, do you have any opinions on using it for music making? Do you know if it's easy to get zynfusion and ardour installed? Anything else I should consider?

Gonna let my partner cut my hair today. Wish us luck!

Me, a scorpion, cracking stupid jokes to a frog and making us both feel painfully awkward: "it's in my nature."

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