Look at this glorious yucca plant in full bloom that I saw today on a hike. The stalk here was so tall, probably like 8 feet.

Was having an issue with my table saw that the height of the blade kept vibrating out of position. Looked all over for a lock or something to tighten the mechanism. Ultimately realized I could just clamp the handwheel in place lmao

Not sure what kind of flower these were but they only grew very close to the summit

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One of my favorite things to find on a trail is a tree or branch that's been used as a hand hold so many times that it's been worn smooth.

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Coopers hawk came by the bird feeder to grab a snack. No luck for him this time but it was really cool seeing him swoop down. He came back to look around and left talon and wing prints in the snow.

Partner got me a telescope! Took it out tonight and pointed it at some stuff. Here's Pleiades!

All put together!

I had actually put the differential in backwards so the front wheels were spinning the wrong direction, but I'll spare the drudgery of fixing that.

The body no longer fits on the chassis because of the size of the wheels but honestly I rarely drive it like that anyway. It's really just a toy for the cats lol.

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So while I'm fixing the car, I'm gonna take the opportunity to make an upgrade. I mostly drive this car on the carpet but the chassis is a bit too low and so it gets stuck pretty often. I'm swapping the wheels out for ones that are a little bigger and will give me more clearance.

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