What's the best rss reader on fdroid?

Thanks everyone for the replies and boosts! I'll give your recommendations a shot!

I've been using Flym for a long time and really like it. For those annoying websites that only give you a snippet of the article, you can tap the three horizontal lines in the top right and it will download a very minimal version of the webpage with nothing more than text and relevant images.

@professor_stoke @switchingsocial if you have Nextcloud and want to sync across devices News works. For that use case it's the best I've found.

@professor_stoke @switchingsocial I know you are asking for an app. But if you spend the small effort of hosting something on your own, you can have FreshRSS, Selfoss or other web based RSS readers that give you a synchronised Desktop+Mobile view... just sayin... 🙂

@professor_stoke @switchingsocial I'd recommend SpaRSS. Tiny install, stable, bunch of nice features. Not updated since quite a long time, but *I* haven't encountered any bug yet (with my usage at least, I'm sure there are some). I just use it to read news following some news sites, tech blogs and webcomics, btw.

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