Been practicing Todd Terje's Alfonso Muskedunder on guitar and I just about got the main theme down to speed.

Idk how I'm even going to attempt the solo... Sooo much ring modulator...

i dunno maybe im just feeling a little insecure...i was told that by the time I'm 25 I'm supposed to be saving 20% of my income monthly, have sums of money acquired via land speculation, and be in a secret triumvirate with a general and the leader of a doing none of those

All sel's toots bound in a beautiful coffee table book

@ceejbot Brash Doordash cash slash balderdash makes splash, leads to backlash and slapdash rehash.

the governor of puerto rico mocked victims of hurricane maria and made a lot of homophobic jokes about ricky martin and now ricky martin was leading the charge in the #rickyrenuncia protests :) hell yes

Well, it's been about 7 years since I've tried making music, but I've been watching @unfa and I felt inspired tonight to follow his instructions on installing ardour and zynfusion. I got to the point where my computer made some boops when I mashed the keyboard, so I'd call that a success for now.

While it is not uncommon for Japanese merchandise to romanize Yoshi's name as "Yossy", a 1992 set of officially licensed Yoshi's Cookie boxes took an even greater liberty with the spelling and romanized it as "Yussy".

Set the dial just a smidge under half, then hit the striker.

And now you’re ready to head into the pits!

First put a few chunks of calcium carbide in the bottom of the lamp. Then fill the top reservoir with clean water.

@dankwraith these subgenre names are getting out of hand.

I mean, really, "ambient music after getting hit by a car"?

surveillance capitalism 

people would look and point. They'd whisper to each other "have they really broken Enkidu the wild man? Look how he clothes himself. He has been tamed!"

Did hikes the last two days and saw a lot of wildlife, many for the first time! Saw a black bear, a mountain goat, a bald eagle, a marmot, a pika. So cool!

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