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pet death adjacent, not mine, shitpost 

FPV quadcopter tinkering 

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FPV quadcopter tinkering 

Specifically Oracular Spectacular begot Tame Impala begot the Aussie/NZ psychedelic scene begot Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, etc.

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one cool thing is that an album that was once my all time #1 has arguably spawned an entire music scene that has since produced at least a few more all time albums of mine

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yeah this is the new hotness

i say about a 3 year old album


trick or treating covid strategies—ideas wanted for handing out candy (boosts welcome) 

Pro tip: when you need a dust free environment, run the shower at high heat, close the door, and don't turn on your vent so that the bathroom gets nice and steamy. The water vapor will condense on dust particles and they'll drop out of the air.

This is good for applying a screen protector on a phone but also for cleaning the sensor on a camera.

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My gender is the satisfaction you get when you put a new screen protector on your phone and there are no bubbles

My gender: the feeling you get when someone asks you a question that sounds simple and your heads fills up with the cascade of details upon which the answer depends so you can only say "uhm haha"

Remember when people stopped making music because their audience started illegally downloading mp3s online for free and they lost the monetary incentive to engage in their art?

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