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Hi y'all,

I've moved to

The normal alias mechanism isn't working so be sure to follow there :)

Letting the different foods on my plate touch each other to own the libs

Snowboarding, last run yesterday: jumped a side hit and landed way too nose heavy, bounced and somehow landed on my hip. Everything felt wrong and painful. Collected myself and managed to ride down the rest of the run, no stretcher necessary. Tried to walk it off but I think that was a bad idea. Could barely stand by the time I got home. Really was concerned it'd be a season ending injury or possibly something that I'd need PT for. Slept okay though and feels better now, so maybe not? We'll see.

What she actually said was indomitable snowman, which still, cool

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Misheard my friend and thought she said the abdominal snowman and now I can't get the phrase out of my head

People keep telling me "the definition of insanity" and expecting it to change my mind, so what are they trying to say about themselves?

Feeling so cozy inside that I received a happy Thanksgiving from my lender ☺️

Uploading copies of Star Wars to the Internet because the license i had was with Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox, not with Disney, because if they're not going to accept the liabilities, neither should I.


Haven't watched Mr. Rogers since I was a kid but I just watched the first ten minutes of an episode and had a grown man crying. Didn't know I needed to hear what he had to say just then.

I think we should liberate the gender-neutral suffix "-poke" from the word "cowpoke" and apply it elsewhere. firepoke. mailpoke. chairpoke. businesspoke.

If I were a musician i would simply play all the right notes

Margaret Atwood on being trans, + 

'In an interview [with the Times] about her new poetry collection dedicated to her late husband, Atwood said: “The most bothersome thing about me is that I’m a strict agnostic. By which I mean there’s a difference between belief and fact. And you should not confuse the two.

You can believe all you like that trans people aren’t people, but it happens not to be a fact. It is not true that there are only two boxes. So the two questions to ask about anything are: Is it true? And is it fair?

So if it’s not true that there are only two gender boxes and gender is fixed and immutable, then is it fair to treat trans people as if they’re not who they say they are?”'

It doesn't stop there. =:D

'After the interview, the Handmaid’s Tale author sent journalist Bryan Appleyard a video dismantling JK Rowling’s trans views, and an article from The Scientific American on “why the new science of sex and gender matters for everyone”'

That, of course, was too much for these noble arbiters of truth and propriety, and the Times promptly retired to clutch their pearls, deleting the story from their site.

Let Us Never Speak of It Again by Out Hud is such a good album. I remember being so salty that they moved on to other projects that I had a mental block on things like !!! and LCD Soundsystem. Luckily that didn't last long lol.

Covid, uspol 

"Covid will stop being a thing after November 3rd" they said, and have surely recanted now that Colorado's positivity rate is at 12.3% seven days later on this November 11th in the year of our Lord 2020.

Okay so actually I got hung up perfecting the chorus and first verse of Less I Know The Better. Started working on the second verse yesterday and it's coming along. Lots of variations to remember, but it's all really based on the same lick.

Up to 90% speed on Cornflake. Hard to maintain rhythm when you go that fast but it's coming.

Is she, you know, *mimes severing the chain of causality, untethering their world from the cyclical nature of a grand design to be able to circumvent disaster and ultimately drag god out of heaven and kill him* a lesbian?

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