Daaang went to book a haircut and the barbershop I go to closed

Dude riding a penny farthing, living his best life

40 rods to the hogshead is 419.17 gallons per mile

Grandpa Simpson, your car is very inefficient

A bunch of parts came in for the new mini quad build and I'm super excited.

This college acceptance scandal is only news because they got caught.

Rich parents using their money illegally to get their kids into college? I'm shook 😱

This #RC #snow truck, fully automated, for my driveway and sidewalk. Why isn't it a thing in times of cleaning robots?


Take a permanent marker and write the year of purchase on the tags of your clothes,

it helps me figure out which brands make stuff that last,

and it helps me avoid the trap of “fast fashion” that my gay ass is constantly falling into

Currently working on a "patch" for Dragons Rising, the first book in the HereAfter series.

There were some issues with the book as it is. Namely, people wanted to know how the heck Nash built the empire during the middle of the story, since I sort of glossed over that *huge* narrative engine.

So, I wrote 14k words of new stuff, right in the middle of the book.

It's been fun to revisit things and improve :)
Gonna try to get it out for this weekend since book 2 is almost done.

There's a hill next to my apartment and some of my neighbors have been building little kickers at the bottom for snowboarding. I joined them on my lunch break today and got some progression in on my front 1's. Biffed a lot and rang my bell one time, but got a pretty clean one in there too. The guys I met are super cool too, real happy to meet more local shredders.

I'm pretty good at cooking if my wife lays out all the ingredients and sends me a pinterest post.

"Time, time, and more time had softened the edges of harsher things, had worked its changes on me. I saw my earlier selves as different people, acquaintances I had outgrown. I wondered how I could ever have been some of them."

The homeless people at the library were talking about how the shelter is closed tonight because they only open when it goes below 20°F but tonight it's going to be 21°F.

kids today are so eager to share unpopular opinions but not so eager to ingest hemlock afterwards

Every once in a while he gets fed up with the mouse teasing him and takes a break to complain about it to me

IT band started killing last night and I don't know why

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