Giving birb site a go again. This time unfollowing people who retweet junk into my timeline. I miss the days of old Twitter when you could have interesting conversations and learn about new technology/projects/art/music.


an hour into this experiment and I'm already reading some sad Medium post that probably has more to do with the author's own personal issues and/or life choices, than some larger societal problem.

@tduehr yeah... I can't remember the last time I read a solid post. Every hot-take and think piece seems to suffer from personal bias or confirmation bias. One's own anecdotal experiences are shaped by one's personal choices, environment and socioeconomic status (ex: SF is a toxic place for tech workers, ergo choosing to live/work there is going to suck, QED).

@tduehr it's also fun to take the author's take-away/advice/conclusion, and see if it equally applies to the author. Often posts have more to do with the author, than society as a whole.

@postmodern corollary: why not add and others to /etc/hosts as a bogon?

@tduehr I've never used one of those procrastination blockers. Kind of a scary to commit to blocking off a whole site. I bet there's a way to use uBlock Origin or Grease Monkey to remove tweets that link to

@postmodern you could definitely use either to remove links. Not sure which would be easier...

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