I can't edit one of my previously posted toots??

Ok I can keep typing here even though the counter below turned red and negative after crossing zero. Did I really just used 500 chars!? Already!?

Anyway, I think I read somewhere that mastodon will simply split this whole entry into multiple toots automatically. Let's see.

Ah, ok, it doesn't let you submit a thing! So, I no, it might be some other platform that automatically splits messages. Why then let me keep writing in that toot-editing box! after exhausting that char limit?

Again: HCI

Trying this out for the first time...and already found a silly thing with the UI.

But then, I no longer surprised. I've come to realize that HCI is still, to a large extend, an alien concept, or at least an afterthought for software developers. E.g.1: Debian Jessie network menu from top status bar requires five (5) clicks to change a wifi connection! E.g.2: Mastodon when viewing a detailed public profile there is _no_ link to go back to, say, my home. None. It just leave you stranded there.


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