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For #ff #followfriday, follow everyone who boosts this
but don't follow me
that'd be a toot daft

Y'all talking like the early internet had everything figured out, and modern e-Society is some kind of degenerate form of that gilded past. It wasn't that great. Nothing was standardized, barriers to entry were unacceptably high, and people with technical knowledge held massive advantages over everyone else. This ain't no "Make WWW Great Again."

Can we call it birbsite instead of birdsite?

I'm also partial to just 🐦

havin fomo about the federated tl if i log off :new_moon_with_face:

It's 5am, I'm still up, writing faster XML rendering code...

Here's a thing that makes Mastodon instances work less well than they could...
when you visit an instance, all the front pages look the same.
"About this instance" is a TINY little link under the sign-up form. This is crazy.
Instances should LEAD with a community description, not bury it.
That's like a newsgroup leading with the OS it used to run the newsgroup rather than saying: "This is a Kenny G community"

Should you use mastodon for sensitive info? Hell no! At least, not unless you're running your own instance, and you know what you're doing.

But you also shouldn't use facebook or twitter for sensitive info! You don't control those platforms either.

I find most stuff on awful, but that's why blocking is a thing. Blocking instances without defederating (and having them per-use opt-out) should be a thing too.

I should probably stop tooting about this, it's starting to get old.

hello everyone! I am not a canadian. I hope you can forgive me.

boost: Mastodon should have polls
favourite: Mastodon should not have polls
Has the advantage of making the poll viral ;)

why are people so desperate to federate with instances that are all people they seem to hate anyway

Ok, Mastodon, this is your first test. I'm having an emotionally awful week. Can you do the bird site thing and supply cute pics of dogs and cats and bats?

tfw you get on the bus and realize you forgot your earbuds

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