re: #Perl people also say "I don't need feature X" ๐Ÿ˜ž 

@sjn @whreq @ovid I'm behind on p5p but there appears to be an assumption that taking formats out of the core will yield some large benefit, or certainly more than the effort of taking them out. I'm not sure that's true, is it?

Google seems to have decided that France needs another Calais where Dunkerque used to be.

Have written the outline of some new Hallmark Christmas films but with more relatable endings. If any Hollywood bigwigs want to buy the rights, get in touch ๐Ÿ‘

Ignorance about the World Cup 

@eschares It used to be 2, 1, 0 but was changed to 3, 1, 0 to encourage teams to go for the win. If points and goal difference are equal then fair play comes into account - the number of red and yellow cards received. If that is still equal then lots are drawn.

@leonerd Agreed that the colon looks better. Does the operator need to be followed by /W ?

What would the following do with and without in:equ ?

sub u { @_ }

@leonerd @book Understood. It's just that perl has a history of optimising for, or huffman encoding, the common case. Take "sort" for an example.

@leonerd @book I think I'd be quite happy with this too. Perhaps with plain "in" defaulting to "in:eq"? I could argue that both ways..

@leonerd Right, there are certainly uses for it and I'm sure that for some others that might be their primary use case - it just never has been for me. I suppose I'm just saying that I think I'd spell the string infix operator "in" and the numeric infix operator "inn" rather than using symbols.

@leonerd In most of my larger projects I have something like:

sub in ($needle, @Haystack) { any { $needle eq $_ } @Haystack }

and I'd love for that "in" to be infix. I tend to find I don't need a numeric counterpart but, if I did, I might want to spell it "inn".

@HMS Right. Everything is created and run by volunteers and there are thousands of new people joining all the time. Plus things depend a bit on which server you've joined. So we need to make a few allowances...

@HMS The official app is probably not the best. I'm using Tusky on Android which seems much better. There's options on the iPhone too if you are there. Web works too...

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