So I've opened a few more accounts on a couple of other instances; it's very cool to see the different culture and user bases at each.

For one of them, I imported my follows from here. For the other two, I've been hodge-podge-dly building a new follow list by finding some people I enjoy already, and new people found on the other local and federated instances.

If I keep going like this, I am not sure if I'll fragment myself or if this is a good way to experience different sides of this medium.

...also, Mastodon is encouraging me to do things that I already wanted to do:

* learn languages (French, Spanish, Danish, Gaelic)
* brush up on my CSS & JavaScript skills
* learn languages (Angular, Ruby)

It has encouraged me to write introspective posts. It has made me laugh out loud at the sheer cleverness of others. It has been a safe space to show up as 100% me, non-curated: just me.

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I'm working on a blogpost to explain the federated timeline, user accounts and idea of multiple identities and I could use some quotes and examples from longtime Mastodon/GNUSocial users. When you have an account on multiple instances, why do you do that?
How do you manage these accounts and logins? Is Mastodon thé solution for your identities?

You don't have to name the accounts and you can always DM me if you want to stay anonymous.

Boost = Love!

#mastodon #identity #fediverse #boost

i'm at that stage in a project where i get a bit bored of the project itself and want to fool myself into thinking i will be "more productive" if i did something like "installing a whole new operating system"

Via my friend

"Submissions wanted for a zine about mental illness and sexuality. Questions and submissions to Please share!"

#zines #mentalillness #mentalhealth #sexuality #neuroqueer

My meta-metamour has used 'a series of cat-food tins' and an old printer to shore up and angle the indoor a/c so that it doesn't vibrate angrily after thirty minutes of running -- it does this because the bucket gets full.

He is brilliant and knows it, lol.

Homeownership: sitting on the back porch, sipping tea, waiting for the rain...and also Roto-rooter to show up and fix your tub so you can take a shower sometime today

I bet Sean Spicer's mixed up in a real life body-swap comedy. Somewhere out there a competent press secretary is panicking over junior prom.

More about the turkey curse, possibly pretentious wankery 

When you actually act outside of the expected cultural norms, even in harmless ways, people get scared.

If you want to make a police officer question their authority, dress up like a respectable (HA) business person and do the turkey curse at them.

'Everyone' knows that you can ignore a homeless person acting like they are crazy, or a businessman yelling at a waiter about poor service. But if you shift any of these things even slightly..

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More about the turkey curse, possibly pretentious wankery 

And I am absolutely serious about the Turkey Curse. It will change your life.

This isn't because of any particular mystic significance, but because when you perform the turkey curse you are confirming to both yourself and the people around you that the cultural assumptions that are generally present and used to maintain the currently existing power structures only exist when people agree that they exist.

It looks like Mastodon opened the door for sustainable and scalable online subcalture community. This will survive even if they won't go main stream.

✨ 🏵 if you are 'apolitical' with 'no agenda' you are in favour of the status quo, nothing is apolitical you absolute eejit 🦋 ✨

its hard to pin down exactly what a "shitlord" is but here's a good starting criterion:

people who suddenly become strong advocates for equality when specifically discussing and advocating for situations where they think it should be okay to hit women

I must not thirst.
Water is the thirst-killer.
Water is the little-quenching that brings total hydration.
I will drink my water.
I will permit it to pass into me and through me.
And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the water has gone there will be no more thirst. Only I will remain.

*layin back, sippin my drink* ahh
life sure is great when you have a cool trillion in the bank and a thousand fleets of amphibious ride-sharing driverless assassin cars

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