I am not sure I'm getting Erlang's "Let it crash" thing right. This morning I watched some noob-friendly OTP conference talk and the dude said like "let it crash. We restart the thread (throws in IT Crowd pun in here) and it work now. It got into corrupted state, so we restart and that state is gone and now it will work"! (!) NO, WHY? If you do that you lose the corrupt state, and "corpse", and you can't prevent it from happening again! Am I missing something big here?

I don't think I'll be ever able to go back to vim only, after using Emacs for almost a year. Vimscript makes me vomit.

Nice thing with Vim is that it's there, you use it, and it's done. It's essential to know at least few commands. I used to have 1k LOC configuration, but after everything I just reverted to naked vim with NeoMake (only plugin I install).

Emacs on the other hand is whole different story. It feels like programming your own environment in lisp.

Is there any instance of Mastodon that is base for software developers and computer nerds?

hi hi hi :D I am mostly interested in software and music.


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