@mindbat Mêh, I'm not keen on sharing my login with a third party. Perhaps a friend export of twitter might be nice, just to run the names in Mastodon.
Still, that's something I can do manually :-)

And I'd also like to make a localized timeline, as in 'stuff happening near a location' :rocket: :sunglasses:

I guess there should be a 'find my twitter buddies' feature in here.

@Ahmed Yup, never underestimate the power of a Leatherman. :sunglasses:

@adamc1999 ITM :relaxed: Couldn't make it to mass this morning. Will check it out in my morning :blush:

@Ahmed Geh, I would go for the Swiss army knife for the boy scouts ... like a Victornox ... Don't worry, got one of them as well :relaxed:

@Ahmed I think you mean French, if you're going by the knife, but I'm fully Dutch, so there :blush:

@vasilis That is a lovely idea! Need a microphone to record small sounds? Let me know! I'm known to have microphones ;-)

Fist post, so let's make this a good one ... Erm ... This is my daily carry :wink: mastodon.cloud/media/HvubhOh1w


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