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I was able to register for at what feels like the buzzer, woo! I've been going since 2012 and I just went through my blogchives (sorry) to travel back in time:

The music in 2014 was off the xoxook (sorry):

2019 resolution: blog more.

Refreshing to see this kind of honesty from a company.

I really enjoyed The Courage to be Disliked:

I wasn’t aware of Alfred Adler before and he has a fascinating take on how people should relate to the world. I’ve been processing this every day since finishing the book and I’m finding it meaningful.

How to speed up DNS propagation: 1.) Go to Google. 2.) Type: "how to speed up DNS propagation", Search. 3.) Browse through the results, skim articles. 4.) Repeat for 24-48 hours.

"This is going to take a long time"

I appreciate software that just tells it like it is.

lightning crashes and salesforce just dies
it wonders what I did before
i start to type out some lines
the confusion sets in
before the loading spinner even appears

Nah, I don't have a wacky domain registration problem. I can quit anytime. Pretty sure someone else registered and pointed it at my site which is odd I guess one of those mysteries that won't be solved, no, whois is broken I think.

I'm disappointed that I didn't get an invite, but I'm excited about its smaller size this year. Revolution Hall feels more like home for XOXO.

Cause of world helium shortage found: “noble” gas tired of being known for dumb party trick.

Pulsar 2849: king of point salad games? Complicated and fun!

me: updating my router is going to take a few minutes, what should I do? brain: browse the Internet! *click* me: hmm, I wonder what's wrong with the Internet.


tech complaint 

ah, these are all Tumblr blogs surfacing ancient posts. Someone must have tripped over the cord to the machine that keeps track of GUIDs.

Someone should make a site that randomly brings up old web.

Some glitch in my feed reader caused old posts to be marked as unread and I’m having a great time reading stuff on people’s blogs from the last ten years.

uspol mood 

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