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My jam friends have been gradually getting the equipment necessary for playing online. Last night we had drums, bass, keyboards, and two guitars on JamKazam. We played most of Dark Side of the Moon then went right into Echoes. It’s not like being in a room making music but making something virtually with friends is still (chef kissing fingers gesture).

Tech complaint 

AMP pages just don’t work well in Safari on my iPhone. The page scrolls sideways so only half is showing and no amount of pinching and swiping will fix it. The whole deal about AMP was a better user experience but I always find the destination site easier to read. Meh, I say.


@d heh, very true. I was pronouncing it 'mais oui' to myself but I don't think that's what they're going for.


@metagrrrl haha, QA typically doesn't test for contempt.


I was starting to give Facebook alternative MeWe a try but then I saw that the founder posted an anti-censorship rant in the New York Post and now my eyes roll so hard anytime I go there I can't actually read the site.

Looks like my mastodon instance found a home. I wonder which laws they were running up against in Japan that they won't in the US.


@jakesutton yeah, I just deleted my Instagram account too. It's not much, but I just can't be associated with FB in any way after today.


@darius I think you'll find the richest vein to mine there.


Deleted my Facebook account.

Starting my weekend sourdough plan now so I have more rising time.

@d yeah, I’m torn between starting my own instance (easy) vs hosting for others (moderation nightmare). I like the idea of growing the sport.

@rickscully I’ll probably roll my own. I even have some wacky domain names that would work. I also have an account on another instance I could use if I’m not motivated enough for the self-hosted route. Still annoyed that I’ll need to re-build my follower list.

huh, my Mastodon instance is shutting down in a month. Probably for the best.

@george Nice! we have warmer temps here so my fingers are crossed for a better rise.

Starting my weekend sourdough plan now so I have more rising time.

covid-19, politics 

I don't care what anyone says. A cloth mask always says to me, "I am about to rob a stagecoach" and no amount of political maneuvering will change that.

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