@allaboutgeorge All my life I have looked away. To the future. To available jokey domains.

@rickscully No, but hurrydownthechimney.com is even better.

I am not allowed to purchase more joke domains. If you have the means, yoda.baby is available.

@m_eiman Same. But I figure if I run an instance with one user I can avoid the headaches of moderation and just deal with maintenance. Not sure it'll mean less downtime overall but at least I'd have more control over it.

With my home instance offline, I couldn't read my timeline. The system is decentralized, but I still felt the pain of a centralized system with one node down. I think I'm going to have to run my own Mastodon instance and maybe mirror my follow list somewhere. 😞

hey, mastodon.cloud is back after several days of downtime. Time to grab a backup!


tech complaint 

pet sadness 

pet sadness 

@metagrrrl Thanks for these updates. I hope your family is finding a safe place to ride this out.

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