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Someone in the neighborhood made a bunch of masks and set them out.


Current quarantine level: homemade bagels


Lords of Waterdeep, quarantine edition.

Took a Realforce keyboard into work. Pretty clacky. Might delete.

aquarium update 

Added four little yellow labs to keep a lone larger acei (I think) company.

Celebrating an Oregon State Ecampus ranking while also having an institutional skepticism of rankings. Higher ed is complicated.

Had fun playing Horrified. It’s a cooperative that’s very similar to Pandemic but without the soul-crushing theme. Dracula isn’t as scary as a mutating virus.

Had a great day at the state LEGO robotics tournament yesterday. Our team had a great time and their best performances all around. Such a great way to finish our first time out!

Recent games: Bargain Quest (light fantasy card game), Lords of Waterdeep (still my favorite)

The card game Hero Realms has been a big hit with the tween set. It’s like Dominion with a combat angle. Lighter than MTG but hits some of the same notes. Fun for the olds too.


Corvallis has a drive through Christmas lights display that gets a little Lynchian.

fun personal news 

I’m a coach for a First LEGO Robotics team and the kids had a great experience at our first competition last weekend. They’re advancing to the state competition happening in a few weeks!

Can't argue with Spotify. I wasn't aware of John Fahey before this year and it was a "why haven't I heard this before?" situation.


Listen to your headlines. Stop encouraging your readers to go there. It is a stamp of approval.

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