Having fun with this cheap Centaur clone. Getting better tone with this than the Boss SD-1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The uni-vibe wasn’t quite enough in some cases so I had to increase the swirl with a phaser. Went Small Stone instead of Phase 90.

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My music pals are the best. Great birthday gift or greatest?

About to hit this putt for par. (You’ll just have to trust me.)


I feel you Reuters website error message.

Sling sure has my profile dialed in. I guess I can’t cancel as long as NA is on the air.

I gave 15 minutes of my life to home automation and it doesn’t work so I’ll stick with flipping switches like a chump.

And may your Thursday be great as well Algorithm, Corporate!


I voted. Carefully. It’s all mail or drop-boxes here in Oregon so I don’t get an I Voted sticker. I get this post though.

I've never been so happy to see elevated particulate matter before. Finally getting a reprieve from the 300s today after a very unusual thunderstorm last night.

It's Day 7 of hazardous air. The needle has moved down a little today which I hope is a trend. Very lucky to still be in my home, but also feeling the weight of this air.

This Google+ data breach settlement is really driving home the value of my PII.

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