The uni-vibe wasn’t quite enough in some cases so I had to increase the swirl with a phaser. Went Small Stone instead of Phase 90.


Having fun with this cheap Centaur clone. Getting better tone with this than the Boss SD-1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ram’s Head Big Muff is big. Running this into an overdrive to boost mids and getting an epic 80s Pink Floyd tone. Hard to scale this sound back at all so might have to get into stoner doom.

First boutique pedal! Lovepedal had a flash sale last month and sold some of their Les Lius overdriven tweed pedals. Finally arrived yesterday and this is it. Quest complete! Caeser wept, etc. No more pedals needed.


But with lyrics exclusively about cute kittens being cute, right?

@suetanvil ooo I like it, and my band name will be Lord Whiskers


Dark Mittens

Doom Fuzz

Claws of Chaos (which pretty much describes any kitten)

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