Random photo time - see if you can name the time/event, @pb

@laze whoa--I don't remember! Based on the camera technology I'd say this is early 2000s. Eagle Creek bag suggests traveling. Was it SXSW 2001?

@pb Believe it or not, it was from Webvisions 2006. Even found your post about it here: onfocus.com/2006/07/3816/webvi

@pb The obvious next challenge: find the photo you were taking at that moment.

@laze I didn't find the exact picture, but I did find this one from the same day that shows what goofing around with camera phones looked like before iPhones existed. (And how well auto white balance worked on digital cameras.)

@pb Nice find!

Man. Before iPhones existed. That was lifetimes ago, right?

@pb I should also note that I love that this brief interaction we had almost 20 years ago is still documented on your site (and linked from your previous entry): onfocus.com/2000/11/2083


@laze Wow, Web2000! Here's what our booth looked like: flickr.com/photos/pb/216608171

I remember that next to no one there knew what Blogger was so chatting with someone who knew what we were up to was memorable! (And blog-worthy!) Glad we got that Opera bug fixed up. I found your entry about it in the wayback machine.

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