I guess the Tumblr app getting booted from iOS is enough of a Big Deal™ that they're willing to give up most* of their daily traffic to get it back? I'd love to have the inside story on the calculations happening at Yahoo.

* Or maybe our collective impression of Tumblr daily traffic is wrong?

@d Oath yeah. And they are owned by Verizon. Their calculations involve managing all of that so who knows.

@pb Such a weird thing, that whole thing. Very glad to have not been there for it.

@pb my guess is that after the app fiasco, top brass at Verizon found out that Tumblr was full of porn and just said nope, and now they’re scrambling to “fix” it.

@pb something like 24% of clicks are porn related, so not a majority but will still most likely kill the site

@logan_life Thanks, that's less than I expected. I imagine the human moderation they had to do was painful and if they couldn't serve ads on it they probably feel like that 25% isn't worth it.

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