* Looks up from working on a legacy stack *

Not sure this will scale.

* Looks up from working on a legacy stack *

Maybe _I'm_ a legacy stack?

[pointing spiderman gif]

This morning I took my daughter to her first day at a new school and after a few minutes of quiet, "Dad, do you ever get nervous?"


Corvallis is exactly 'I have to stop my car on campus to let wild turkeys cross' urban.

hello bash script my old friend
I'm doing tasks with you again
because a problem seems fleeting
with sed and awk and grep meeting
but my regex fans those problems into flames
the tasks remain
within my shell defiance

I checked this out from the library. Am I still going on some sort of troublemaker list?

tech language complaint 

Slack is down. Looks like I need to work on getting a company Mastodon instance going.

Reader, this was me and I went with b. The dream is my reality. nothing else matters. sad but true. etc.


Scenario: You left the key to your desk at home. Your noise canceling headphones are locked within. You're in an open office. Do you: a.) Become one with the office environment sounds today. b.) Buy cheap earbuds at lunch. c.) Play Metallica's Master of Puppets through your laptop speakers because it's an enjoyable album that everyone will love.

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