When the screen break reminder I installed pops up and freezes things I just grab my phone. Completely outsmarted it.

Me: have you seen the three-hole punch?
Son: is that a movie?



New Flickr photo (garden, chicken) 

WFH 101 


covid-19, billy joel, sorry 

Who has ten fingers and is constantly touching my face?

It's me. 👐

Took a Realforce keyboard into work. Pretty clacky. Might delete.

aquarium update 

Working from home today and I can listen to music through the air. It's magic. It operates the same as headphones: you send signals there, and receive them here. The only difference is there is no cat.

TFW your daughter's violin teacher is in the New York Times. nytimes.com/2020/02/14/world/a

"...music gives us the confidence to overcome." 😭

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