Politics Commentary 

Seeing a lot of the turns my stomach metaphor which is a slap in the face to anyone who has legitimately had their stomach turned. via metaphor.

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Politics Commentary 

This constant use of the slap in the face metaphor is a slap in the face to anyone who has been slapped in the face. Metaphorically.

My disc landed perfectly in this tree on a long shot tonight. Shouldn’t be possible. Looked like it was headed to the basket too.

The machine learning art is like a bad weather event happening in online social spaces right now. I find them disgusting for some reason and they're everywhere. *shakes fist at entire Internet* *turns to dust*


Trouble sleeping. I think we need a general strike to force politicians to address our gun sickness. Nothing will happen otherwise and these conditions will get worse. The price of the current status quo is immoral.

Morning sun in Oregon feels like luxury. Sat outside and heard owls, geese, wild turkeys. Watched towhees scrounging around the bushes. A+ would go outside again sometime.

GitHub Trick 

I don't always write code directly in the GitHub code editor but when I do I like to have spellcheck enabled--especially for documentation. This little Tampermonkey line will enable spellcheck:

let c = document.getElementById('code-editor').setAttribute('spellcheck', 'true');

Latest addition: Haunt Fuzz by Old Blood Noise. It's like a crisper Big Muff with some additional chaos. The Gate is a clip that squashes the signal in a "oh no, the amp is too loud and it's breaking" sort of way that I like in small doses. Running this into a Catalinbread DLS in Super Bass mode is [metal chef's kiss]. I was inspired to record one minute of doom noise to demo: d1x6es5xzge33k.cloudfront.net/

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birdsite strategy day 

Getting serious 2018 vibes from that website so I went through and made sure I'm getting people's alternate sources--either RSS from their website or subscribed to their newsletter. I need to be completely off but I'd still like to hear from people I follow there. And luckily we have Today in Tabs to keep up with The Discourse™ without actually keeping up with it.

Covid Update 

Thanks for the comissery (?) here the other day—covid is proceeding predictably in our house so far and I’ll take it.


My daughter has covid from an outbreak in her classroom. I’m just furious and disappointed with the failure at every level: school, county, state, and federal who all decided we were done trying to mitigate risk as a group.


This is the CDC warning that shows up when you look at transmission levels and it reads off to me for some reason. Nothing to see or do here! As you were!

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There’s a local covid surge happening where I am. Notifications from school coming in and several friends are positive. Just a reminder that the CDC is only watching hospitalizations now so it’s worth looking at their ‘Community Transmission’ for your area despite their warnings about not using it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/

Last night I went to my first show since the pandemic started—a Pink Floyd cover band which was very fun.

This is the current state of my pedalboard. I found a used Cry Baby mini at a good price and I can’t believe I’ve never owned a wah pedal before—so much fun.

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This is my first electric guitar that I got when I was 13. It's been in a case for at least 25 years more memorabilia than a playable instrument. So last week I took it all apart, sanded the body, oiled the fretboard, and swapped in a black pickguard. (A little Gilmour tribute.) Jammed with it last night and really enjoyed playing it again.

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CDC mask changes, complaining 

Virus proponents handed complete victory—vow to continue whining.

Seriously though, basing community mask policy on hospital capacity guarantees an outbreak because of the weeks lag time between initial onset and hospitalization. Why tie action to a lagging indicator?

My windows work computer is basically a dedicated antimalware scanner that occasionally spares a few CPU cycles for actual work.

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