Working from home today and I can listen to music through the air. It's magic. It operates the same as headphones: you send signals there, and receive them here. The only difference is there is no cat.

TFW your daughter's violin teacher is in the New York Times.

" gives us the confidence to overcome." 😭

Celebrating an Oregon State Ecampus ranking while also having an institutional skepticism of rankings. Higher ed is complicated.




Last time in Waterdeep:

DM: You’re in the bustling Castle Ward where the streets are crowded, filled with horse drawn carriages called drays.
PC: So drays for days?
DM: ...



heh, tried to Google around to see if anyone has made 'Disable Your Ad Blocker' t-shirts and the results are garbage because it matches that text on a million sites.


Had fun playing Horrified. It’s a cooperative that’s very similar to Pandemic but without the soul-crushing theme. Dracula isn’t as scary as a mutating virus.


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