Just wired up our home classroom with data over coax. Nice improvement over WiFi.

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I've never been so happy to see elevated particulate matter before. Finally getting a reprieve from the 300s today after a very unusual thunderstorm last night.

It's Day 7 of hazardous air. The needle has moved down a little today which I hope is a trend. Very lucky to still be in my home, but also feeling the weight of this air.

I've been having fun with GarageBand lately and I put together a version of The Rain Song last night to try to summon rain for Oregon. Fingers crossed.


We didn’t get so many of our shared summer experiences in Oregon this year due to covid. Nice that they could drum up "wildfire smoke hellscape" as a last minute treat.

Product idea: coffee cup that detects fourth cup of the day and either shames or praises you based on your preference.

This Google+ data breach settlement is really driving home the value of my PII.

"I Should Have Documented Better: What Was I Thinking?" will be the title of my autobiography if I remember this.


I'm attending the HighEdWeb A11y Summit today. So glad they've taken this online! a11ysummit20.highedweb.org/

My jam friends have been gradually getting the equipment necessary for playing online. Last night we had drums, bass, keyboards, and two guitars on JamKazam. We played most of Dark Side of the Moon then went right into Echoes. It’s not like being in a room making music but making something virtually with friends is still (chef kissing fingers gesture).

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Looks like my mastodon instance found a home. I wonder which laws they were running up against in Japan that they won't in the US.


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