half-baked joke idea: hash tags that were obviously misinterpreted like cake writing that includes the cake writing instructions.

aspirational job title: systems inquisitor

Removed a heavy toot from earlier today. I'm still trying to figure out what I should share online and what I shouldn't. Social media is still complicated.

Found a UK Fatboy Slim record at a garage sale last weekend hidden behind The Sound of Music soundtrack. Mint condition and even had a Skint records postcard inside. I don't expect to top that.

Farmers market lunch is best lunch: fresh bread, goat cheese, basil, heirloom tomatoes.

Every garage sale has at least two Bill Cosby records for sale. They should just melt them all down.

I just spilled coffee all over my keyboard. If 80s teen movies have taught me anything it's that my day is about to get really wild as my computer glitches in amazing and sexy ways.

Realizing now I currently work in a private maze of cubicles in the center of a University library. It’s too on the nose.

Small print at the end. [Disclaimer: Apple Watch is neither hokey nor poky.]

shower thought: weblog MUD. every post describes a room and every exit links to another blog’s room. At first I was all ‘too year 2000’ but then I thought, ‘they have ren fairs, so...’

Wanted to count the number of items in an unordered list on a webpage. Inspect -> highlight 'ul' -> Properties -> childElementCount. Boom.

“We need to make space for people to change.” — Natalie Wynn, contrapoints

“Follow your bliss... but get free legal advice.” — Matt Furie, creator of Pepe the frog

Off to Portland for XOXO!

✅ mechanical keyboard
✅ polyhedral dice
✅ DIY card game
✅ social anxiety

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