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I round it up to 3.2 so I celebrated already. ⚫️

There is not enough coffee in the universe to handle DST Monday.

My years of painstaking work making sure every custom emoji I add to slack has a transparent background is paying off today with a design tweak they made.

it was an antimalware service executable / an antimalware service executable / an antimalware service executable / sure looks strange to me.

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Are there pro gum-chewers? Because I was killing that today.

Random line from a movie that is constantly firing in my head: “I want me coffee!” — Paul’s grandfather in A Hard Day’s Night. Brains are weird.

Cleaning out and stumbled on this web time capsule from 1998. I lived in Nebraska at this time but I was visiting SF and I remember talking with @fraying about moving out and what I might work on that was web-related. We ended up working together a couple years later.

And by 'tweet' I meant 'toot' and I'll turn in my mastobadge at the front office.

I wrote 'Stylish' by force of habit. Just a reminder that the original Stylish browser plugin has privacy issues and there are several out there that don't track your every move. I use Stylus which seems fine. Recommendations on YouTube are awful and removing them improves my experience. This overexplaining-the-joke tweet brought to you by our modern surveillance hellscape.

Stylish -> -> { display: none; } FTW

Back in my day we didn’t have emoji. We had to type out characters and then crane our necks 90-degrees to read them. And we liked it!

We have enough USB standards. Stop adding more. This old man update has been brought to you by too many cables with the wrong type of connector.

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