I refer to RDR2 as my “hunting & trapping side job” and I’m barely interested in the outlaw story. I often think, yeah, I’m supposed to rob a train but if I can find some wild burdock I can craft a killer horse salve.

Another code doodle with p5 that I had fun with yesterday. Squares, sorta! codepen.io/pbausch/full/BvvZqX

pretty sure I just invented breakfast tacos.

I'm sure you've heard how good Into the Spider-Verse is by now. I finally saw it and I'm glad I caught it in a theater. I had some instant nostalgia for What The--? and What If...? comics that were a guilty pleasure when I supposed to be reading The Punisher or something as a kid.

Want to feel old? Taylor Swift's 1989 is 30 years old.

Watching Cord & Tish & Meadows cover the Rose Parade for some reason. 🐎🌹🎺

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My day-before-break strategy of drinking too much coffee is 😳🆆🅞𝖗𝗸i🅝𝖌 🅿🅴🅡🄵🅔𝖈𝖙🄻𝓎🅈☕

I like throwing classic photos into those AI photo aesthetic judgement apps that have been trained on Instagram.

I’m so happy people are still sending holiday cards and letters even though we have email and social media.

Site idea: Placebo Engagement Metrics. It generates random, detailed statistics that you can look at instead of your real social media engagement metrics and just be social.

Holiday party caroling with five guitarists, a melodica, and cajon eventually morphed into bad Neil Young jams. My people.

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