Developer Life I Guess 

Reader, this bug was resolved. Head and desk recovering nicely.

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Developer Life I Guess 

It is 2021 and I’ve been trying to resolve a time zone bug for two days. *headdesk*

Based on reactions my ‘this football team capitalizes like e e cummings’ joke needs some workshopping.

First boutique pedal! Lovepedal had a flash sale last month and sold some of their Les Lius overdriven tweed pedals. Finally arrived yesterday and this is it. Quest complete! Caeser wept, etc. No more pedals needed.

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Ram’s Head Big Muff is big. Running this into an overdrive to boost mids and getting an epic 80s Pink Floyd tone. Hard to scale this sound back at all so might have to get into stoner doom.

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Having fun with this cheap Centaur clone. Getting better tone with this than the Boss SD-1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The uni-vibe wasn’t quite enough in some cases so I had to increase the swirl with a phaser. Went Small Stone instead of Phase 90.

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Texas Stasi 

Feeling sick about our country. Beyond the inhumane misogyny, the Texas abortion bounty law is very East German.

"The state occasionally paid the Gute Menschen as well, sometimes handing them up to 100 marks, or giving them a nice present."


My music pals are the best. Great birthday gift or greatest?


I’m guessing the normal people that billionaires hire to read the room for them have all started lying. “We’re all traumatized from a global pandemic that we’re still fighting so now is a perfect time to burn a large pile of money on something completely unrelated. Live your dream! 🙄”

meme joke 

unpopular opinion: the best thing young people can do early in their careers is find an emerging communication technology and gather the free work of others into a central location where you control access.

video game ennui 

Hit that point in assassin's creed odyssey where I've completed the main storyline and I'm finishing up side quests...for fun? Enjoyed the game but it doesn't have a clean/clear ending.

covid-19 media 

Maybe we should stop interviewing vaccine hold-outs and instead profile vaccine recipients and figure out all the cool ways they want to contribute to a healthier society.

About to hit this putt for par. (You’ll just have to trust me.)

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