Heard The Air that I Breathe by the Hollies on the radio today and thought, hey, is that Radiohead? Little did I know that’s an old and continuing Hornet’s Nest. No wonder Radiohead hated Creep for so long:


Had to change all my clocks when I switched to metric time but it was worth it.

Movie idea: heist that hinges on the idea that AWS has on average 8.6 seconds of downtime every day. Title: 4 Nines.

The word “learnings” is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me but I’m learnings to live with its.

Kind of happy I’ll be in an AWS class all day instead of catastrophizing about the election. Who am I kidding. I’ll do both!

SmugMug understands Flickr as having been from the start a community of photographers talking about photographs, but for many of us it has always been a community of all kinds of people having conversations kicked off by all kinds of photographic images (for a lot of which "quality as a photograph" was not a consideration in its taking).

I posted to my blog about Flickr's plan to delete photos in January. Individual snapshots aren't important historic documents but maybe the archive as a whole is?


Sometimes I look at a problem and think, "eh, so simple I could do this with a bash script!" Then I spend the rest of the day googling because bash scripts are a terrible punishment given to the world. Theoretically. Not my entire day today or anything.

I'm at the part of my day where I'm eating lunch at my desk and force-installing Perl modules. Hashtag 2018.

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[takes long drag on cigarette] isn't every party a costume party when you really think about it?

TV show idea: Downton House. In 2018 Downton Abbey is a hotel. We learn what happened to the original characters as their grandchildren’s lives cross paths.

I tried to give up coffee to save my ailing bladder.

(offtoot) Tried and failed?

Tried and died. ☕️💀🐛

I'm Google Sheets in the streets but I'm Google Street View in the sheetsview. And... goodnight.

I just need to test some software for my job. I do not want to start a new enterprise lead nurturing relationship journey.

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