Had a great day at the state LEGO robotics tournament yesterday. Our team had a great time and their best performances all around. Such a great way to finish our first time out!

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I've been playing guitar since I was 12 and now I'm trying to learn how to play the bass. It's difficult. It's like discovering English has another layer and every word has a different meaning once you hear it.

Recent games: Bargain Quest (light fantasy card game), Lords of Waterdeep (still my favorite)

The card game Hero Realms has been a big hit with the tween set. It’s like Dominion with a combat angle. Lighter than MTG but hits some of the same notes. Fun for the olds too.

Everyone's down on string literals but they're literally just strings. Immutable, horrifying strings.


Happy Thor's Day! Hope you had a good Odin's Day yesterday and that your Freya's Day tomorrow is well. Not sure what to say about Saturn's Day. It's not on theme.

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