Cause of world helium shortage found: “noble” gas tired of being known for dumb party trick.

Pulsar 2849: king of point salad games? Complicated and fun!

me: updating my router is going to take a few minutes, what should I do? brain: browse the Internet! *click* me: hmm, I wonder what's wrong with the Internet.

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ah, these are all Tumblr blogs surfacing ancient posts. Someone must have tripped over the cord to the machine that keeps track of GUIDs.

Someone should make a site that randomly brings up old web.

Some glitch in my feed reader caused old posts to be marked as unread and I’m having a great time reading stuff on people’s blogs from the last ten years.

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Having a debate about Doctor Who time travel problems with my kids over breakfast. Happy with some of my parenting choices.

Had fun playing Roll Player last night. It’s like a lighter Sagrada with six other mechanics thrown in to keep you occupied.

I run a network-level ad blocker and everything works fine EXCEPT the PBS app on Amazon Fire, Roku, etc. That thing loads a cluster of trackers every time you click play and I'd never know it if things didn't just break spectacularly because I'm a network weirdo. PBS!

Woke up singing “terpenes and tardigrades” to the tune of incense and peppermints. I hope that’s useful to someone. 🌼✨

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