The web is ultimately about holding power. It's either held by individuals or corporations.

Lately it seems that a lot of power has been ceded to centralized stuff, but perhaps it's time some ground was to be regained.


This is on my mind because I've been reading ~4y old discussions about the crash of XMPP. Though it doesn't seem to be coming back, there is a small yet vibrant community around it.

For all practical intents and purposes, XMPP is truly dead, and it will take a lot of effort to revive it, effort that nobody is going to put into XMPP instead of, say, Matrix or some fully decentralized alternative.

Perhaps rightly so, but I'm of the rare opinion that XMPP is actually a beautiful protocol. Which makes it all the more sad.

XMPP is thus far the only use of XML that I can approve, apart from document markup. XMPP makes XML shine like nothing else has.

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