Because I love movies so much, it's always cool to recommend some now and then.

I saw and early screening of VIOLENT NIGHT. It was hilariously fun, and David Harbour as Santa was nothing less than a Christmas miracle! It's one of those movies that will cheer you out of any holiday funk as it takes you on a blood-splattered (sleigh) ride!

@tallmanwithglasses I absolutely love NUMBER "Johnny" 5 and the SILENT RUNNING robots! Thanks for sharing this!

Looking forward to the future of the series… and the past!

@secretgeek heck yes!!! From when I was a child. I got it when I was around 11 years old and still have it!

@gavinwinters I'm all inclusive. I don't discriminate based on robotic or cybernetic orientation... LOL😉

@geekgyrl The larger BB8 is actually a Disneyland drink cup and the smaller one is a metal figure that came with Rey

@Thinkfoo LOL... I like to think of myself as being inclusive. So yes, if a DALEK identifies as a robot, then who am I to say otherwise 🤔

@EmmaKennedy Thanks for the boost and the follow. I checked out your website and was really impressed! Following you back 😉

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I’ve been asked what other “cool geeky goodies” I have in my office… Well, it’s a lot! Let’s start with my collection of

@RoseRaven The interior of my TARDIS looks exactly like my office 🙂

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