Because I love movies so much, it's always cool to recommend some now and then.

I saw and early screening of VIOLENT NIGHT. It was hilariously fun, and David Harbour as Santa was nothing less than a Christmas miracle! It's one of those movies that will cheer you out of any holiday funk as it takes you on a blood-splattered (sleigh) ride!

Looking forward to the future of the series… and the past!

I’ve been asked what other “cool geeky goodies” I have in my office… Well, it’s a lot! Let’s start with my collection of

Thanks to my friend Steven Weintraub of COLLIDER, last night I was able to take my son to finally see BLADE RUNNER (AKA my favorite movie of all time!) …and it was in IMAX at the Chinese Theater! AMAZING!

I'm completely overwhelmed by the love I'm getting from the community for my last post. I thought I'd share another picture 🙂

Did I mention I'm a geek?! Here's my Console (It's the real one from the Paul McGann 1996 TV Movie)

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