Did I mention I'm a geek?! Here's my Console (It's the real one from the Paul McGann 1996 TV Movie)

@paulsalamoff Your memorabilia collection is amazing. You should post more pics!

@paulsalamoff That’s why I didn’t see it at the Liverpool World Museum exhibition on Sunday. It was round your gaff. They did have a lovely green Formica console though… the original. 😍

@queenhermione LOL... Well, they should have called me... or actually still can. As I DO have a Time Machine!

@paulsalamoff you sad old git.

Not that I’m jealous much! 😢😂😂

@paulsalamoff This is incredibly impressive and has absolutely earned you a follow. 😍

@paulsalamoff This is incredibly impressive and has absolutely earned you a follow. 😍

@paulsalamoff omg my son would actually die!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@mozfoz71 Trust me, I can't believe that this is in my office either!

@paulsalamoff Oh wow! That is possibly still my favorite console room. As a US fan back before most people in the US knew what Doctor Who was, that TV movie was a HUGE event for me. I still love Paul McGann's performance. And that console.

@jonwesleyhuff Totally agree. I was a fan since I was a child back watching Tom Baker (aka "My" Doctor)

@paulsalamoff yeah, he's still "My" Doctor too. PBS played the 4th Doctor in a loop for a while, so 8yo me was very surprised when 1) He died! 2) He changed! 3) They went back to Robot and showed how he'd changed FROM a different guy! Eventually they did start with the 1st Doctor and play them all.

@jonwesleyhuff LOL!!! Yes, had that same experience! Grew up watching DW on PBS!

@paulsalamoff this is just beautiful. Glad you were able to get the chameleon circuit working again.

@RoseRaven The interior of my TARDIS looks exactly like my office 🙂

Envious! I wonder of MS FlightSim has a Tardis model (yes I will check). How do you keep supplied with Eye of Harmony power source?

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