Because I love movies so much, it's always cool to recommend some now and then.

I saw and early screening of VIOLENT NIGHT. It was hilariously fun, and David Harbour as Santa was nothing less than a Christmas miracle! It's one of those movies that will cheer you out of any holiday funk as it takes you on a blood-splattered (sleigh) ride!

Looking forward to the future of the series… and the past!

@EmmaKennedy Thanks for the boost and the follow. I checked out your website and was really impressed! Following you back 😉

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I’ve been asked what other “cool geeky goodies” I have in my office… Well, it’s a lot! Let’s start with my collection of

Thanks to my friend Steven Weintraub of COLLIDER, last night I was able to take my son to finally see BLADE RUNNER (AKA my favorite movie of all time!) …and it was in IMAX at the Chinese Theater! AMAZING!

Hey Whovians! A number of people have asked how I got the console (It's a long story!). I talk about it on this recent podcast.

I'm completely overwhelmed by the love I'm getting from the community for my last post. I thought I'd share another picture 🙂

Did I mention I'm a geek?! Here's my Console (It's the real one from the Paul McGann 1996 TV Movie)

Hey all! Here is my attempt at an

I'm a / and creative in the film industry.

Love , , , , and is my drug of choice!

All about & and also a mega geek!

I'm new at this so please bear with me!

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