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Whoa, from European Commssion President von der Leyen.

"We have completely got rid of our dependency on Russian fossil fuels. It went much faster than we expected... So we have the possibility to redirect or reorient the additional funding of REPowerEU – ≈€250 billion – to our net-zero industries."

it's basically been a tax on activity and consumption anyway, so should NOT be given to shareholders. If we can't renationalise the companies, we can take this unearned profit.

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Right, so we take that unearned energy profit straight away and reinvigorate our public services right now. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Some words, the more you say them the odder they sound. Todays one: Megadog. Megadog. MEGA DOG. Megadog Megadog. Try it. Quite odd.

I didn’t think decline of a nation would be so… visible?

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I'm older so I remember things. Everything you see happening today should be understood this way:

The top tax rate used to be 90% in order to prevent the really rich from destroying democracy.

The corporate tax rate was 50% because corporations exist to serve society.

AND the inheritance tax was really high to keep family dynasties from gaining power over us.

Most important for me, high contrast mode. This pale grey text on white apps run with *as default* can get in the bin.

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I had been mostly a Metatext iOS user for mastodon but Ivory… yeah it’s really nice. Good job tapbots.

Checked stuff, but can't shake the feeling. Arrrrgh...

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Sacked on a Sunday morning! Raising the bar for government services there

Awake thinking there’s a piece of work I need to get done for Monday, but I can’t remember what it is. 😬😬😬

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Today I learned to work for the US Digital Service you’d need to do a drug test. And, I assume, pass it? Wild.

Me: oh this sounds fun, “the wriggler”
Zwift: no sir that’s “the wringer”
Me: eep!

(one more) Tina has been smashing these explainers of _difficult instruments_ for a while. Latest one, on the Bastl Kastle teeny synth here

(Can you tell I've got back into reading blogs in an RSS reader?)

Matt has also been a roll, but his stuff scare me. Like the room one. Think about it too long and it starts unfolding in your brain and before you know it you're starting a R&D project or startup. Dangerous.

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Things guys don’t give a shit about:

Your stretch marks
Your furry eyebrows
Your unshaven legs
Your outfit
Your zodiac sign
Your uneven boobs
Your crow’s feet
Your grey hairs
Your chubby parts

Things we do care about:

Your happiness
Your well-being
Your affection

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. #bekind

"...tremendous opportunities in the UK" LOL mate, place is fucked, by your lot

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