Managed to cut my finger on the scrap of foil from a single pill blister hollow. It’s going to be a day.


I got caught out yesterday, being indoors too much with a gloomy outdoors and no SAD blue light (apart from the screens) and then I made the disasterous decision to read the Laika graphic novel, which although sweet is very very sad. So now I am sad. SAD sad.

Autumnal ennui continues, mostly filtered through the guilt of many many books I have not read piling up. Maybe 2 meters?


I don't know about anything anymore, and it takes me ages to learn new things, when my attention span allows. I feel stuck, and self sabotaging. Is this it? Trundling along, helping where I can, gig to gig until death? Hmm. Moan moan moan. I've got a webex in 10.

Glum: It’s really windy, so my bandwidth is super rubbish today.

It seems that because Nike didn't want to GDPR all the NikePlus stuff, and the Fuelbands can't empty their memories by syncing, mine is finally bricked and kaput. Shame.

No desire for any of the 🍏 devices from this week, the spell is broken. Not even the watch.

It turns out I always sit on the left hand side of the train. Passenger mode.


"npm WARN deprecated jade@1.11.0: Jade has been renamed to pug, please install the latest version of pug instead of jade" but Y THO

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I think when Matt Hancock ad libbed about “managed serendipity”, what he really meant was, everyone should go to UK Healthcamp this Saturday #Expo18NHS #ukhc18

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Absolutely hate these

Predictably, the website to do things with your TV license is convoluted and confusing. A metaphor.

"sign into your tv license" is a bit of an odd one

I'm quite tired of "news" article pages that are borderline unreadable due to their layouts, cutting up the text with 'recommended articles' and the like. Terrible design.

Weather (drizzle) not helping with extreme back-to-school vibes. Feeling the itch for a new project

Cursing how much space mobile OS keyboards take up these days with ‘nav’ and ‘help’ enabled. Half! Blimey.

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