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I've always wanted to light/render one of our characters in the photography style of @sastuvel@twitter.com

This is Einar, the main character in our next movie 'Charge'. Model by @JulienKaspar@twitter.com, shading by @simonthommes@twitter.com, rig by @DDzadik@twitter.com, pose by @hjalti@twitter.com

The film will be out in december! #b3d

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@Holdout Ahhh! I didn't realise clamped did that! You never stop learning. It is re-rendering ATM and I should have a new version by the morning. Thanks Sam.

@Holdout It is probably me being a bit thick about the maths involved. Take one f-curve with a few keyframes on it. If you suddenly move the right half of the key frames away from the left half and insert some new ones in the middle then the curve changes beyond the keyframes adjacent to the new section. It seems to cause a ripple through the f-curve across several old keyframes. I thought that maybe four keyframes would be enough to lock in the old motion prior to the insert but I was wrong.

@Holdout Hi Sam, thanks for that. I tried that but where the new frames appear I want a smooth transition. The camera never stops moving so I need to blend the new motion into the end of the old motion. I'm really tying to avoid re-rendering the whole scene. At the moment I'm rendering samples near to the transition that overlap the old frames and there is a small but perceptible jump. As I go further back the jump gets smaller. I guess I just need a longer overlap that I was hoping for.

OK, so any out there able to help with a little camera animation problem? I've a camera moving and rotating along a path and I've already rendered over half of 2000+ frames. Now I've just spotted a glitch about 75% of the way through and need to take the camera on a little detour. I'm going to have to add some key frames close to the transition point and then reposition the camera in the later section. Any advice on this so that I don't end up with a glitchy transition?

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I made a short video introducing our new Storypencil add-on. The goal is to improve the storyboard workflow in Blender and it will come built-in Blender 3.4 #b3d #b2d #greasepencil #storyboard youtube.com/watch?v=b25kfE6qd_

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@Feral3D @timhutton Using the above Python code it certainly sounds like it might be possible. More research needed though to be certain. If it is possible then it wouldn't really be a "history" as you'd be dumping all your posts in a short period of time. You might even hit snags with bandwidth on some servers.

If you download your Twitter archive it arrives wrapped as a static HTML page, which is not very useful for doing anything with, and worse: it requires the original account to be still active to do useful things like enlarge the images since they use t.co links.

So here's a Python script to convert a Twitter archive to markdown or other formats: github.com/timhutton/twitter-a

Now you can archive your tweets in any way you want.

@Hollowpixel A great design! πŸ˜‰ I think t-shirts are the new social glue!

@Curator Worth mentioning that in the 'advanced web interface" though the web portal you can pin columns for specific hash tags to track content by subject. Like #Blender, #3dArt, #Unity3d #Procreate stuff like that. Helps with targeted content discovery. So you don't have to do manual searches.

@thecgnerd It is still a WIP but pretty close to what I'm aiming at.

@sybren agreed I'm not missing the ads & I have my chronological timeline back.

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And lots more coming over the next days and weeks I suspect!

New instance so I’ll introduce myself. Hi πŸ‘‹ I’m Stephen, a freelance animator working in Cardiff, Wales. I’ve mostly worked as a motion designer in the past, but I’m pushing towards specialising in character animation. An age ago I studied documentary film, that instilled in me the importance of story. I’m doing my best to be software agnostic, love using #b3d, but also loving #moho & #toonboomharmony.

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