If you download your Twitter archive it arrives wrapped as a static HTML page, which is not very useful for doing anything with, and worse: it requires the original account to be still active to do useful things like enlarge the images since they use t.co links.

So here's a Python script to convert a Twitter archive to markdown or other formats: github.com/timhutton/twitter-a

Now you can archive your tweets in any way you want.

@timhutton @paulmc is it possible to upload twitter post history to mastodon? Asking for me.


@Feral3D @timhutton Using the above Python code it certainly sounds like it might be possible. More research needed though to be certain. If it is possible then it wouldn't really be a "history" as you'd be dumping all your posts in a short period of time. You might even hit snags with bandwidth on some servers.

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