This watercolour is of the other end of Beesands in South Devon. I really enjoyed painting this one.

Making a coffee while it's lazily raining outside is such a pleasure.


Afternoon mograph. This is a by-product of today's tutorial posts. What you're actually looking at are 150 arrows lined up in a circle, rotating in unison, while a small wave rolls through them, lifting them up and setting them back down. The coloration is just their normals piped into an emission shader.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph

Afternoon mograph. A followup exercise using the same techniques (radial texture -> wave texture), but here we're selectively applying the deformation to the top of a ring. The only motion is up and down. Add in some psychedelic tie-dye colors by way of noise texture, and you've got a little animated doohicky.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph

Having this printer makes me realize it's something I should have gotten into sooner. Revisiting work and designing prints is dope. Check out these funky ASCII versions of some recent renders! 🔥🔥🔥

Learning so much about paper as well, it's a wild ride!

#art #prints #foss

Here's a project from 2020. I'm mostly a logo designer in my day-to-day, though this was for my own use. I wanted to replace the gig site I worked through with a worker run coop, and Firelancer was the name.

The logo was designed in Affinity Designer, and the animation (including fire sim) was done in Blender.
#VectorArt #B3D #Blender3D

Afternoon mograph. Oh dang, I think I accidentally made an optical illusion.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph

randomly found a 50 minute video on youtube of someone recording what they see as they walk around a town in Zermatt Switzerland in the rain and it’s honestly the most beautiful place i’ve ever seen. the video is shot in 4k and seems like 120fps. i love this so much

Progress! Our aim was just to do the head today, but had to get that pot belly and cape in :) Think I'll be carrying on with one of the other characters in the next lesson. Thoughts on Harmony so far? Really nice, bit like a mish-mash of Moho and Blender

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Hey! My name's Al, I'm an #illustration and concept #artist looking for new ways to share and develop my #art and meet new people in the creative community. Feel free to say hi!
I like to create #artwork inspired by #nature as well as character design and silly animals.

Check out more of my work at:

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