My baby has finally grown up.

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🦩Announcing the Flamenco 3 Release!🦩

The latest iteration of Blender's free and open source render manager is now available. Easy to install (takes a few minutes), transparent, interactive and robust. Learn more at #b3d

Afternoon mograph. Bored and uncreative today, so just messing with instances and looping. Y'know what's better than trickle down economics? Downpour economics.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph

The fellow was right, Geometry Nodes might be overkill for what I'm after. Managed to make this with Shrinkwrap and Curve modifiers:

Occasionally still messing around with #mandelbulber. Still getting the hang of it, but it can produce some cool #fractal #animations!

This idea has been brewing ever since we made that logo for the back of our RV. It demanded to be made.

#mastoart #kdenlive #faketrailer #funwiththefamily

Evening mograph. I watched a bit of a tutorial, and wanted to produce the same effect a different way. The videomaker used a lot of geometry, but this is one of those cases where I'm perfectly happy to rely on some flat plans and shaders.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph

#PCP (Point Cloud Progress) - This is about a year of developing a scanning and rendering workflow for point clouds.

Check out the 4K version for the full experience:

Made with #metashape, #b3d and #davinciresolve, I'm really hoping to do a workflow video soon! Learned a lot on this journey. :)

Let's call it an #experimental #short #arthouse #film. ;)


Video: Midge "Mantissa" Sinnaeve
Audio: Marlon Sinnaeve:

Evening mograph. I built a rig to control noise generation, and realized there were some fun uses. Like... what if I drive my noise with an image? Then use some of my usual trickery to move things around.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph

It feels good to donate blood. Today was my 10th time!

If you live in The Netherlands, please consider becoming a blood or plasma donor. There is a dramatic shortage of blood donors.

Visit for more info.

Learning that new grooming thing, so hard to make very good hair still for me, even though the tools are great

But liking the lighting :)


Afternoon mograph. I've been exploring some unusual sphere topology, in this case a subdivided dodecahedron. Seems to stretch pretty well.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph

Blender Conference for me it'll be then! First time :)

I don't care to hurry, so:

26 Oct, 17:30

30 Oct, 18:50

See you there!

Rick Beato describes so well what tinnitus feels like.

Take care of your ears people, always take care of your ears.

It's here! It's here! The paperback is in hand! And yes, you can get it (or the ebook) now on Woohoo!

#mastoart #book

Recently had the chance to help out on Korn's latest music video, "The Worst Is On Its Way". These are a few excerpts of the stuff I created.

Go check out the full video on YT:

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