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Had a close-up orca encounter while kayaking in the islands north of Seattle this past weekend. Was very very cool. Once again I curse the position of the sleep button on the iPhone as I put the phone to sleep while trying to get some video. Not much time to reset — they were moving fast. I did manage to get a bit of footage, but not of the close orca. (Attached photo: orca whales passing by along the shore.)

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🎉 Mastodon 2.5.0 🎉



- Federation relays
- New profile design
- Remote interaction dialog
- Replies count in web UI
- Feature friends on profile
- Higher video upload limit
- Improved mod tools
- Admin dashboard
- Read-replica support
- Command-line interface

September is the most underrated month in the PNW. Just perfect

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Gorgeous work, Harley-Davidson.

Can't wait to see a production #LiveWire in person at Eastside Harley Davidson in WA. (replicating my last post to FB/birdsite here)

Can’t believe the Huskies are only down two points...

Dexter and Evie - not quite four months old. Happy National Dog Day everyone!

Being on Mastodon is like the first time I ever experienced an airport lounge. I’d experienced chaos in that environment for so long that I’d forgotten it was possible to experience peace. And now that I’ve experienced it, I don’t ever want to go back.

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Generalistic and moderated instance.