Hey all! I'm getting back into mastodon! But self-hosting and moving my account to @paul.

Scientists: we have solved strong AI
Amazon: ooh, let's use it to judge how people dress

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How assured am I that, for example, if @sombody@someinstance.social toots something that shows up on my timeline, the message is really from the account and instance it claims to be? What is there to prevent an attacker from editing feeds to spoof other people's identities?

This is important to me because, if I want to set up a bot to respond to someone tooting, I'd like to be assured that the toot was authorized by the account it claims to represent.

I learned just enough Rust this weekend to write a thermostat. Now I'm attempting to sous vide chicken with it.

Debugging my driver for a USB thermometer.

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New work this morning, weave and color experiment in oil on art board.

Masked this with a vinyl stencil as I've been doing with other things recently; stencil worked well but was a pain to remove because of smooth surface of the art board and the fragile lines webbing those internal diamond areas together.

Had to basically pull 'em off one at a time with tweezers while trying not to smudge anything. Stencil topography/integrity: a thing.

I love how many languages I see passing by on the federated timeline lately.

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Didn't follow the mastory.social/ discussion. Anyone has a link?

But if some people considered that what they published in their profiles was not *public* (and published there information that can endanger them), they must be brought to understand that they were misled..

Indexing profiles is ordering information that is publicly available already and would help everyone on the network (and therefore help further users to join).

I hope that a common understanding will be reached here <3

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hey mastodon, throw all your programming pedagogy links at me. I teach a lot of beginner programmers and I want to get better at it!

tl;dr Twitter was on its way to becoming a transformative utility before they decided to become a media company.


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Cannot wait for some law enforcement agency to get sold on Deep Learning Image Enhancement™ (see vllab1.ucmerced.edu/~wlai24/La).

OFFICER: Let me see that perp's face.
COMPUTER: *hallucinates arbitrary face*

OFFICER: Zoom in on the iris, and enhance!

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Today in #art shit getting me excited: the map projection artwork of Agnes Denes. Put together a MetaFilter post of what I could find; lots of individual drawings in museum collections, but you have to scratch around on the web a bit to find most of it.



Mastodon Data Science tooters -- add yourself and spread the word! bit.ly/2oPJHL1

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i will fight every single person suggesting that a "reputation score" is the way to fix abuse
have you been on reddit ever

The fact that Mastodon is worried about follow-bots makes me worry about how actual bad-faith actors will be dealt with.

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@paulgb I'm currently building a website that scrapes news from major outlets and makes names in articles clickable. Clicking brings up a Wikipedia summary for the person.

Mastodon community: what's the last thing you made? Physical, software, art, etc.

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People still fretting about "owning" their username on every instance.

<morpheus>What if I told you that you never owned your username on the birdsite in the first place?</morpheus>

At @arinbasu's suggestion I have created a Google Spreadsheet for Data Science / Visualization / Art folks on here. Please add yourself if it sounds like you!


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