Film has been an exciting thing to shoot! It also means learning how to deal with physical storage of data and not just digital folders!

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I should get myself stuff to develop black and white film at home.

wasd code keyboard is here! workspace is coming together nicely

i am bored of photographing midtown manhattan

Some #usability quotes I found while poking around

"It's really refreshing to me to have #french lang. toots in my streams."

"accessible mastodon is an excellent thing to strive for!"

"I feel like the mastodon web client really needs custom columns to be useful."

"I think blocking should be done at the user level, and instance level blocking is making somebody else's decision for them."

This guy collects The Beatles White Album - total of 1,652 currently.

The death of is real sad. i miss the virtual crate digging

Oh no google music just grouped Nirvana and Led Zeppelin in the same playlist. All guitar music turns into classic rock given enough time.

The new MST3K is fantastic. The new cast, updated song, flying Tom, Crow being Crow, more Gypsy, all made me so happy last night.

Oh my god the last jedi is going to be so good

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