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Following indiscriminately to avoid silo-fication. A little randomness, to avoid boring.

“Since when do we have a moderate wing of our party?”

—like — seems to think "" and "Crooked" mean the same thing and that having Integrity means he's .

What kind of 🐂💩 this?

"Chris McDaniel announces Lt. Gov. run, comes out swinging against fellow Republican Hosemann"

"Bringing and Together —To Vote Against Me."

My failure to properly appreciate the contribution of human flamethrower to creating unity in . It ain't easy making look good.

An old friend used to say there was this one customer he had to do business with, that anytime he shook his hand, he felt an urge to wash his own afterwards.

Unmuting “Words” on Notifications so that when someone tells me they need to be blocked, I’ll know who to block.
Still not blocking domains though; in the spirit of the idea that makes collective retribution a war-crime. I know it’s not war and that, in practice, “losing” is the crime in war that seems to get punished. But the spirit of the thing still seems right.

"I don't oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war."—Barack (before doubling down on 's foreign policy)

How about 'an endless war'? The legitimate goal of should always be . Should only start a with a vision of how it ends. The lasted 40 years; the subsequent peace, less than a year.

says makes movies mostly for children (and childish adults) in the most passive-aggressive way possible.
is the demographic theme of the day at today, BTW.

v Presidential Race, 1987, coverage of Trump "campaign" by (which was in the business of reporting on funny things), available at .
(the Elder) won, Biden withdrew in shame, Trump had no shame. Still doesn't.
Sometimes, a joke gets out of hand.
Buying full page ads in the ("Failing!") was expensive. must've been a Godsend.

The Biden-Base, 's base of support, seems comprised of me and four other folks. Show yourselves.
Where are the people?
Everyone else it seems, not knowing what's good for them, is eager for him to be gone. I don't judge you. Not openly, anyway.

When Putin displaced people from the Middle East into Central & Western Europe to destabilize his adversary and undermine western values and institutions, did this inspire Desantis to displace people from the Mexican border to Massachusetts, and were his goals the same?

Scientific , produced by an , trained on Trump speeches and interviews.

The day my community elected a mayor whose husband (lawyer) the city police did not like, they targeted her neighborhood, ticketing all her neighbors, making sure they knew why.
Everyone has a stake in freedom from public corruption—not a partisan issue.

"...the kind of zealous legal representation that our adversarial system of justice requires."

(Please don't send $ to for )

Response to California Bar Investigation

And, if I were a bird, I could fly.
Or, at least you can't prove I couldn't.

(From via )

"Excessive has significant consequences for the national interest when policy makers are not fully informed, the government is not held accountable for its actions, and the public cannot engage in informed debate."

I suspect some folk see this as a feature, not a bug.

Sure sign that viable fusion is imminent: the sudden push to put small fission reactors online before they become obsolete.

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