If you run your own install, I *think* (not a lawyer!) that you are exempt from GDPR so long as you don't let anyone outside your "household" (however that is defined) use it. But as far as I can tell, the moment you allow even one friend to use it, you gotta start notifying everyone that you're processing the data that they sent you.

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Anyone know how a feed reader (say, feedbin) avoids being classified as a controller or processor under the GDPR for the personal data retrieved from feeds?

Or how Mastodon instances avoid it for the personal data federated into them?

Has it just not been challenged yet? Do they not but somehow meet the notification obligations regardless?

I see so much guidance about collecting data from a punisher's point of view, but basically none from a consumer's.

No billionaires*

* Exception for Edna Mode, I'll allow it

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For posterity - this amazing creator is not on the fediverse (as far as I know) but I wish he was.

"I build little people out of acorns and sticks, then photograph them in the wild with real animals.
Join me as I share my process of building and photographing.
Learn more and buy prints at www.davidmbird.com."


#birds #wildlife #critters

Definitely buying my husband a shirt that says "Emotional Support Ethan".

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what is a monorepo?

a miserable little pile of unnegotiated responsibilities

What do you have to sigh about, dog? You've never even heard of capitalism.

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OK this is actually pretty incredible.

The Smithsonian making 4 million images public domain. CC0 means you don't need to give attribution, there's no copyright to worry about, no restrictions on using them in photoshops etc.

It's a huge move for open media for such a big name to be making such a large collection open like this. It's the kind of thing I never really thought we would see start to happen.


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I am annoyed at how much coverage of these recurring "Big Gorilla lays off around 10.000 people" is basically just a rehash of the company press release, with not a single journalist asking how it's possible that all of these big tech companies made the same exact mistake of hiring too many people, while simultaneously showing record profits.

Like, if a 'rigorous review' finds 12.000 redundancies, why does nobody question leadership about how this was allowed to happen?

Not one critical note.

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Look, I don't work at a megacorp and I've never accidentally hired, according to my notes, twelve thousand too many people. I get that I'm not speaking from experience. But I feel like "oops, I hired twelve thousand too many people" is something that... should have some sort of consequences for the people who made the decision, in error, that they should hire twelve thousand too many people?

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My motto writing Celeste was remove all irony. Zero irony, just peel back all the layers. 100% pure earnest cringe will take you places if you let it

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hot take the tech layoffs are as much about investor appeasement as they are a shot across the bow to the incipient tech labour movement pass it on

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i was laid-off twice early in my career in very large reorgs / cost-cutting.

the thing that wld have been helpful for me to hear then was 'this is not abt you. you were a number on someone's spreadsheet. they wanted that number to go down by 1000 or 2000 or 10,000'.

so, to anyone who needs to hear that today:

it's not abt you. you did nothing wrong.

wait was I conned into effectively being a manager and nobody told me

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I think I miss writing software as my job. Do I miss writing software as my job?

I want to get into astrophotography but I have enough hobbies and also don't want my husband to leave me. And also I don't even understand not-astro photography.

This is a conundrum.

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this email could have been a homoerotic letter penned on exquisite parchment

I've had to explain "be gay do intellectual property crime" and by extension "be gay do crime" to two different coworkers in two days, so I'm expecting a meeting with HR.

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