In other news, my friends' 8 year old is extremely valid.

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My friends' 8 year old has started saying "be gay do crime" and when asked where he heard that, apparently he blames me.

My baby crazy may be approaching problematic levels.

Workplace harassment training please send help

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Ugh Things Are Happening and I'm outside my comfort zone but they're good and I want to talk about them but don't want anyone to know about them. Love internalised shame. 🙃

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oh sure it's all "be gay do crimes" but as soon as Pete Buttigieg steals an election you're upset. hypocrites

"fuck retention" is certainly an interesting recruiting strategy.

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reverse Monster Hunter where we play as monsters and we attack hunters to protect the environment.

instead of getting better weapons from their skin, we get an improved ecosystem (more animals&plants&clear water etc.) and that makes us stronger. that's the grind, instead of bigger armour you watch your forest flourish more and more. this also attracts worse hunters, creating the difficulty curve.

I think I'm holding out hope that blogging will make the internet feel good again, like it did a decade ago when I was young and stupid. And it probably won't, but it's nice to have hope? I don't know how to fix anything anymore.

One of the worst parts of depression is when the switch flips off and you just feel emotionless and empty for no reason and there's no cause and nothing you can do but ride it out.

"because I have a crush" needs to be a valid reason to call in sick to work

Check off the design merits of the Confederate flag as a thing I've had to shut down conversation on in a work chat.

Guess who accidentally deleted and reposted this when trying to copy the link oops

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I'm thinking about this because the boyfriend is someone I met *checks watch* three weeks ago who lives in Seattle and for whatever reason within like six hours of talking we were boyfriends

look i don't make the rules here

but also I'm very excited he's very nice everyone should love him and be nice to him please

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How does one going about describing the relationship between Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins? I need a word for *that*.

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Like we joke about me having a husband and a boyfriend, despite being married and monogamous, but that feels weirdly appropriative. But I can't think how to convey "I love this person unconditionally and they are an important part of my life on a day-to-day basis, but we are not romantically nor sexually involved and have no desire to be" and that's the closest I've gotten.

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I'm thinking a lot the last few weeks about how annoying it is that there's very little granularity or nuance in describing relationships in popular lexicon.

That person I see once a year and enjoy seeing and we know each other's names and basic things about each other? They're a friend.

The person I say "I love you" to every day? They're a friend, too.

I remembered this existed. So proud of myself.

It still freaks me out when I see people I've never interacted with talking about my work. Not even "the thing I work on", like, specifically things that I personally did.

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