I’m going to spend more time in DOSBox-X this weekend.

My personal DOS tower is out of commission for reasons* right now, but this DOSBox fork is SO GOOD. I have it running Windows 95 for Pete’s sake.

It’s been a welcome distraction and reprieve from family news :’). It might even get me back into blogging again.


@rubenerd There's also another fork called dosbox-staging which might be worth a look.

There's also 86Box, a fork of PCem, emulating everything from the original IBM PC to AMD K6-III+ machines and everything in between. Using all those old BIOS setup screens again is a real trip.

@ozzmosis Oh cool, thank mate :). Definitely checking 86Box out, I tried PCem back in the day but didn't get very far. Gotta love that 640k of base memory!

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