Today's music recs:

Classic Swing: Louis Prima - I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You

Sea Shanty: Ray Anthony - Show Me The Way to Go Home

EDM: Lords of Acid - Let's Get High

Western: Brown Bird - Fingers to the Bone

Christian Rock: Ninety Pound Wuss - Something Must Break

Mongolian Throat Singing: The Hu - Yuve Yuve Yu

Broke: If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.
Woke: If you turn all your hobbies into jobs, you'll never relax a day in your life.

Is It Forensics or Is It Junk Science?
The public’s growing awareness of forensic techniques obscures a far more complex field that’s chock full of bogus science — and the people who champion it, often for profit.

For years, ProPublica has reported on these dubious techniques as they’ve wormed their way into every corner of our real-life criminal justice system.

So, what’s legitimate forensic science and what’s junk?

#Crime #Police #CriminalJustice #Science

It's strange, but I feel some comfort that Lisa Loring lived to see Jenna Ortega's Wednesday. Sort of the universe's way of saying "thanks for everything, Wednesday's in good hands"

The perfect roommate would be a cat with a job.

The way to honor Tyre Nichols is to never stop fighting for justice, to never give up on reform and progress, and to hold fully accountable not only the murderers but the system that gave them the power and the implied permission to take his life so violently and with such evil purpose.

Dear Anything- 2023: If your general admission tickets are so expensive that you offer financing, I will not be attending this year.

It’s rare that events from four years ago can still get me steamed, but Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the FBI’s moves to protect him can have that effect on me. A new bombshell from the film Justice has reopened the matter, and I explore it in today’s piece.

My humble #Mosstodon offering, for your enjoyment 🌿💚

I found this inside a really cool abandoned location. I normally take wide angle shots, but this mossy keyboard and headset really caught my eye 📷

#urbanexploration #moss #abandoned #fotografie #photography #lostplaces #photo #explore

The people that insist it isn't art if an AI was involved are the same people sci-fi warned us are going to argue against human rights for androids.


I'd like to see a serious U.S. legislative reckoning with data collection by _all_ tech companies, not just the backlash against TikTok.

As multiple high-profile hacks, leaks, and abuses suggest, every accessible repository of personal data is both a privacy and a national security threat.

Minimal collection should be the default, not just a privilege for the knowledgeable and monied.

Over the years, I’ve gradually assembled a holiday music that jingles my bells without roasting my chestnuts. I’ve decided to share it, just in case anybody needs to ruin a Christmas party or get rid of unwanted holiday guests. I present "Yule Be Sorry" on :

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