A milestone week at @duckduckgo - we hit 30 million searches a day! It's hard to put that into perspective so I thought I'd do a visualisation with doughnuts.

Wish people would realise that when you communicate with a company, there's a human being on the other end and it'd be nice to treat them as you would a stranger in the street.

"...in my hangry state I punched the pizza, broke and burned my hand" - best comment heard at work this week. 😆

Fascinating profile of BP Dakshayani, one of the "rocket women" of India.

"I used to get up around 5am because I had to cook for seven, eight people and it was not easy," and then she'd go to the office working on orbital dynamics and a Mars mission.

Every year, Japan holds a "" contest on a lake near Kyoto, with (mostly university) teams building their own gliders and pedal-powered aeroplanes. It's on TV now and always amazes me with their grit, passion, ingenuity and yes, some weirdness!


Made a conscious effort to move away from programming a few years ago (my body's choice, not mine) so it now feels like a treat when I get to sit down for a bit of coding, like today. Pretty rusty but still fun 🙂


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