Is any of my followers experienced in setting up audio+video streaming? Looking for a solution to broadcast city council meetings (one cam, multiple mics).

Playing with mouse/trackpad support in iPadOS 13.4. Missing the consistency of hover effects. NavBars, Toolbars, action sheets, segmented controls, text fields are supported. Switches, sliders & table views aren't. I assume they'll improve this in iPadOS 14.

A website mimicking the macOS Software update pref pane. I bet many people fall for it.

So happy about the results of our municipal election. Honored that so many voters put trust in our group and myself. I promise to work on making Seefeld greener in the next 6 years!

Sehr glücklich über das großartige Wahlergebnis für die und die . Vielen Dank für das Vertrauen, wir werden dran arbeiten, grüner zu machen in den nächsten 6 Jahren!

WWDC 2020 will be an online event. So far, so expected. But the thin announcement leaves many questions open: Will they provide a virtual lab experience? Will they provide an inter-attendee group experience? Will it be free?


Die FDP hat ein Ja/Nein-Problem:

Nein zur Jamaika-Koalition November 2017
„Lieber nicht regieren als falsch“

Ja zu Regierungsbildung in Thüringen Februar 2020
Lieber falsch regieren als nicht?


Kudos to the Munich Apple Store for exchanging the swollen battery along with the broken keyboard under the free keyboard exchange program. Fresh battery for a 3 yo MBP is awesome.

Vandana Shiva is truly inspiring. Watched her talk yesterday in Andechs. Let's hope her ideas for organic farming and sustainable living gain more widespread adoption!

Bitte unterschreibt die Online-Petition zum Schutz des Aubachtals:


Kein Gewerbegebiet im Aubachtal an der Eichenallee! Bitte beteiligt euch an unserer Online-Petition.



Griabig war's: Kaiserwetter und gute Gespräche auf der Wanderung von SPD, Grünen und Bürgerinitiative Eichenallee von Hechendorf zur Wörthsee Alm.


Achievement unlocked: Managed to bump into the curbside and destroy my brand new tire just 10 km after the tire service.

Thanks, for your nice mention. Indeed, Apple Watch performance has exploded since series 0!

Exact same build. 1) installed via drag and drop from Xcode, 2) installed via TestFlight (missing icons). Only occurs on series 0 running watchOS 4. Newer OSes are fine. Any idea?

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